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Smart Technician's who earns a lot

I normally get so many invites for the events in a local one and out of stations or even sometime foreign countries too. I am unable to attend all the events except very few in local that too if time permits, as I have other profession too.

I am very rare attending the outstation event. Anyhow, this is not the subject but the main subject is what we are learning from the event? Yes, this is one of the questions among many. You are right. I learned one of the things in one of the recent past event is nothing but a speaker told startup business ideas and he faced challenges etc. 

The other senior guy who told his example for him where we as an audience listen to his voice as he was also telling us to get an idea. Learn tips on how to earn from Smartphone services?

How to do the successful business?

What do you do out of the box is the question to come out from the business game and its result?

Yes, the example and real story what he (senior guy) told us was, he went to the USA (as he used to normally fly since when he was 17 years old for study – nowadays as business trip). It was unfortunate that his Apple iPhone (latest one) felt down over there and tried to repair it as the display got an issue but he can use it only for incoming / outgoing calls time being without even seeing the numbers.

The rest of the features of the Smartphone can’t be used as it was damaged. He tried to call Apple customer care in the USA wherein he got a reply stating that the smartphone was bought in India thus he has to get its repair in India only as it falls within warranty period. 

It was looking like tough to repair it over there and he could managed to use it as it is time being, as he got no time nor opportunity nearby to do so.

He came back to India after his visit to the USA and he tried to contact the customer service center of the Apple iPhone in India. He got the answer stating that he has to keep his phone for about two weeks and the charges could be so and so (higher) since it was his mistake to let it felt down which is not within warranty period. He got pissed off now for his valuable hand-set fate.

He then tried to search online for an alternate service center other than Apple service center to solve the issue. He got a local person contact detail for it via online source. He then called him up. The service man replied to approach his shop. 

He reached over there and shown his handset. The service man told him that he has to pay Rs 9000 to serve it. He thought for a while and told service person to do it. The service man told him to pay the amount first then come with receipt at service desk within the same shop. He just paid and brought the receipt and shown him up.

The service guy took his phone and opened it. He then took a small pack of plastic pouch from the shelf and fixed the required parts in it. He then assembled the device and started to check it. It was surprise that the handset now working as a new one and pleased by the end user. He tested couple of times and nothing issue in it. 

He was pleased and asked the service man, how he could do it within few minutes with charging such amount. The service man doesn’t want to reveal his business secret, however, he told service person that I am a so and so reputed guy and take care of everything if any issue comes. The service guy never afraid of anything than competitor, yes, only that’s it and he revealed it the rest of the story.

The reality of his business success is, he used to buy a new phone (iPhone) as such and make parts of it. He knows that some of the repair can’t be done immediately by the reputed service center, even if they repair it then it shall be within warranty terms or else the charges might be higher where customer will re-think twice before handover it to the concern counter.

The end user used to research or discuss with their own before handing over such damaged handset to the relevant service center and hearing their charges. So, one or other will land his service center where he can replace the damaged piece and charge nominal, that too within few minutes or max few hours. 

This is his business trick for successful service business. His thinking is out of the box. Yes, each device parts altogether charge for replacement around Rs 1.5 lakhs for Rs 70k handset. What and how do you feel now? Learn how to earn money from such an expert.