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Travel from Yatra and IndiGo Airlines

How I started my travel to Delhi from Bangalore, by cab, flight and a local train? You may go through this article to know more detail about the beginning of the journey till return. A business trip cum short vacation due to time-saving on travel.

I got a call and email for a short business trip to Delhi and had to leave from Bangalore. The date of the meeting was very close or let's say next day itself, since I already cancelled the earlier meeting and an event couple of weeks ago before this business meet schedule, I had to go for this. 

The Director also called me up and instructed to book a flight ticket online immediately and I took the steps accordingly.

Beginning of the journey

However, I have to begin to search online for buying cheapest flight ticket to get it done. I just remember 'travel' word translation in a Hindi where I got 'Yatra' word, so, I just searched Yatra keyword online and got Yatra website to go further for a search.

Google shown me Yatra result beside its related website, some of them shown coupon and discount offer as well. So, I have to check them in shortest moment. Whatsoever, when I searched for a flight from Bangalore to Delhi then I got various scheduled flights details, and one of them was well known Indigo Airlines result shown with little lesser price than the other one. 

I immediately signed up at Yatra and re-search for the flight to Delhi and got to book early morning flight to Delhi from Bangalore. It was done within few minutes with easy process and by paying online. I got an SMS and email of it within few minutes. After that, I took a print out of ticket and kept in my purse for further usage. That's it to begin the journey.

Cab arrangement to Airport

I had to prepare my bags and other required stuff to travel for a day or two. I called up one of my known cab driver to come early in the morning to my home to pick me up for the airport. Yes, he came on-time as told, and had to leave the home to Bangalore Airport by cab little early. It was nominal fee where I saved after Yatra flight ticket booking. Yes, I reached the airport one two hours before to the departure of the flight schedule.

Domestic Airline for my journey

I had to show printed flight ticket, Security check done, reached to said gate number. There were other travelers waiting for the same Domestic Airlines and had to sat beside them. As usual, most of them were strangers and it happens in some of the trip like this. I was using Smartphone as others; I immediately got an SMS from Yatra for my boarding status and Airport rules in short. Thanks to Yatra for remembering me in every steps with utmost care.

The boarding pass received by the authority in the gate, and let us all to approach the flight jet way. It was warming welcomed by the Air Hostesses as usual on flight journey. It was comfortable for me to get the seat as I like. Thanks again to Yatra and IndiGo for this and a nice break which was already booked it. 

The flight journey was around 2.50 hours from Bangalore to Delhi. The captain introduced by radio and informed all about the weathers and guidelines. As usual, the crew guided on emergency landing if any. Anyhow, landed safely after comfortable flying journey from IndiGo that booked from Yatra.

Local transport in Delhi

After landing in the Delhi IG Airport, I had to get the Airport bus to reach the Aerocity, and I had to get the next metro train and car to reach the office location. My trip to Delhi was not new though, so, I could manage to travel Delhi alone, so I did. The local cab for travelling was helpful to reach the office for the business meet. I was in time to the meet, and post meet got a plenty of time to return to Bangalore, so, I used free time effectively in Delhi and to reach Agra from Delhi by car and train. 

I reached Agra too and I enjoyed the hotel stays in Agra then Taj Mahal visit of course. Most of the travel sources booked via Yatra apps through Smartphone. The trip was pleasant just because of saving time from online booking and flight ticket. I had to return in the same way to Delhi from Agra to catch the reserved Bangalore flight. It was everything gone smooth as per planning, and it was one of the unforgettable and memorable journey in my life.

The online ticket booking process of Yatra is very friendly, one can just need to visit its website and follow the friendly guideline given over there to book the desired travel source.  The passenger can pay online once the desired sources are selected, payment can be made via online through Internet Bank, Debit card, Credit card or Coupon / Voucher if any etc. Thanks to Yatra for simple and friendly service. 

Have a nice journey from Yatra online booking.