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Tips for organic traffic without social traffic

Are you one of them who are looking for huge traffic to your blog from social networking sites that your blog post link submitted over there? Are you one of them who are AdSense member who would like to earn from social networking sites traffic as well? If so, read this article to know in-depth detail on this subject. 

If you have millions or thousands of Facebook followers or Twitter followers or any other social networking followers and if you wanted those followers to visit to your blog to drive traffic then forget many things. 

Though there are couple of questions often comes to our mind like how to earn money online, how to get AdSense account approval, how to earn from AdSense etc. etc.

Tips for natural traffic:

There are couple of scenarios on this process which affect Publisher or blogger, you may check them as below;

The first one is, Google doesn’t like social networking traffic for some cases which the ‘Advertiser’ not willing to pay considering it as ‘invalid traffic’ though there are genuine Ad clicks does happens. 

Google is ready to accept their Advertiser’s choice, so, we have to accept the Google’s choice on this. Finally, very few genuine clicks out of five percentage goes as invalid clicks, thus, blogger too loses.

The second one is, if you posted your blog post link at any social networking sites assuming that you have millions of followers or fans thinking that they may visit sooner to your blog post via given link then try to withdraw the idea.

You may hardly get five percentage of the visitors from the social networking followers, again hardly.

Though the huge followers are a prestigious matter for some of the bloggers or writers in different cases like for a popularity or a different business requirement etc. but the reality is, you have to forget it since you are an AdSense Publisher / earner who would like to invite those hardly five percent traffic to get invalid traffic or invalid ad click which even lesser than five percentage that finally consider as invalid traffic and click to deduct amount from your AdSense account in case it was credited at the first instance.

How to drive traffic to blog then?

This question alarms many, specially those who are commercial bloggers like AdSense earners, or other Ads earners or even Affiliate marketing etc. Since Google or other Ad company won’t reveal their search engine algorithm and other various parameters.

It is bloggers’ responsible to experiment and know the reality of the current and past history on this including Search Engine Optimization or SEO. 

So, as far as AdSense concern, it is completely ignoring social networking sites’ traffic and fewer clicks (no idea about Google plus sharing links) for the publishers, thus, Adsense publishers have to work on this well.

How to work on this? I suggest all AdSense bloggers to write and post the article based on ‘search engine friendly’ keywords and requirement to get organic traffic to blog post than social one. 

If you are still in practice of sharing your blog post link to any social networking sites assuming you may earn traffic and revenue from it then try to give up at the moment. Who knows, search engine algorithm may change in the future, that is a different story.

Stay tuned, I will update you more on this soon.

Tips: Keep on writing on your preferred niche on relevant domain to get reasonable traffic after some day's gap.