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Tips to increase traffic and Adsense revenue

Why no traffic and poor Adsense revenue?

If you have blog/s, if you are regularly contributing with quality and new content, if you are not getting enough traffic to your web page, if you have approved Google Adsense account, if you are not getting enough clicks and revenue then you have to understand something that your blog and content lacks few and has toughest competition many.

Lack of Content cause decreasing traffic thus Adsense revenue

The quality and unique content on your blog may not be in demand; the visitors’ demanding or required content may not be available on your blog thus poor traffic with poor or no revenue from Adsense

You have to analyze most searchable keywords before posting any content on blog. If you are depending or little bit expecting Adsense revenue then your blog shall need to have most trending content on blog to get traffic thus revenue. 

So, you can search most searchable keywords from Google Trending or Analytics to know to update or tune your existing recent articles or post a new one to get it done.

Sometime, new blog or less than a year blog won’t give much organic traffic, the more seniority of the blog with most searchable content, the more chances of increasing traffic thus Adsense revenue. 

Google has many parameters which they don’t reveal but only some of them can understand by the bloggers in order to tune the new or old post accordingly. 

However, Google may update their search engine often based on their requirement to furnish the best result to the visitors. So, blogger has to apply many things in their post to favor the search engine without any tricks in their post.

Other challenges on slowing down traffic and Adsense revenue

There are many other reasons for which the genuine content would face the challenges to earn traffic and AdSense revenue. 

Though higher traffic can fetch revenue through Ad click but still sometime it gives lower CPC on higher traffic to slow down the revenue. The other one is, region to region changes the CPC and Adv that plays different role. 

For example, the US and Europe region CPC may be higher than Asian region. Sometime, different topic gives better traffic and revenue than the other one. For example, Finance and Investment article may give higher traffic and revenue than non-business related article.

In addition to the above, there could be many other reasons on poor traffic and revenue despite having good or rich content on your blog which should have got organic traffic

Most of the bloggers who post quality and rich content sometime ask themselves on how to increase traffic, how to attract the audience, how to increase CPC, how to generate higher revenue, how to avoid poor traffic, how to avoid poor revenue and so on. 

You may find the below points which also causes for slowing down revenue due to poor traffic.

Daily new blogs / sites for niche

There are hundreds of same niche blogs been created daily thus overall challenges for the same keyword increase and thus slowing down the traffic and revenue.

International competition for same niche

Beside domestic competition for same niche blogs, there are hundreds of blogs been created daily for the same niche which creates more challenges globally which affects traffic and revenue indirectly.

Different keyword requirement

Though topic may be same but visitors’ keyword search might be different than the existing quality and rich content online. It takes time to come back to existing keyword article and time being losing out the traffic and revenue.

Search engine updates

Time to time search engine algorithm updates from search engine tycoon like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on can affect in rare occasion for the rich content WebPages causes poor traffic and revenue for a while till it get back to the same rhythm. 

Or, at least something useful via Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Lack of information online

Old information may not get indexed or the new content of search may not be available online for the visitor causes issue or no traffic at all except diverting to official webpage if any.

Irrelevant info on WebPages

Author would have posted quality articles but the information searching by visitors may not be satisfied on that webpage due to lack of information or irrelevant info except keyword stuff cause poor traffic, no revenue and page rank decrease etc.

So, Blogger has to ensure the above tips and reason to tune their post accordingly.