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Tips for successful SEO - Search Engine Optmization

Most of the bloggers or writers would like to know on how to get an organic traffic to their blog pages than other referral or unnatural sources. But, in fact, how to get an organic traffic to blog post? 

How to improve or increase traffic to website or blog? Would you like to know what is SEO and how to optimize the content for search engine?

Read this article to get some tips and learn something out of them.

While discussing about Traffic and SEO, few of them used to ask me about online natural traffic to their blog posts or various pages since they had written very well which generally giant search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. used to visit their blog (via bot) and crawl, stores and indexing upon visitor's search based on the trend or visitor's requirement. 

However, these bloggers used to write definitely well but no traffic to their blog posts that made them concern naturally. How to overcome from Search Engine Optimization issue? And, what are the reason for no traffic at all or less traffic?

Tips to get natural or organic traffic:

Why they don't get traffic to their blog post in spite of quality draft posts published on their blog? 

Is there any mistake they had done to grab the attention of search engine?

Is there any parameter they are missing to get organic traffic?

There are many questions as such for them but no idea on where they lacked which loosen traffic for their blog post despite quality in it. Those content is of course crawled to know the originality, and stored in the database by the search engine (if it is quality and originality) and so on.

It is different story that I am one of them who hate social traffic or referral traffic, of course. I would like to get only natural or organic traffic to my blog posts than social or referral traffic one. I don't like any paid traffic even whether it is legal or illegal that doesn't matter. Learn tips to increase organic traffic from this page.

We will come back to the main discussion which we may miss one of the main parameters to get organic traffic despite posts written well and published on time. What is that blogger's normally missing one the parameters is nothing but lack of 'Search Engine Friendly' keywords to use on their quality posts that create lack of attention of search tool to your post.

Each blogger has to concentrate on this point instead of talking and taking help from other SEO expert on this to overcome from 'not getting organic or natural traffic issue' for their post. 

Whoever visitor search online via search tools used to key-in simply than hard keywords, so, you have to put yourself in visitor's shoe to know the fact to use those search engine friendly keywords to add on your post without fail in order to get natural traffic sooner or later based on volume of search from the visitors.

1. Blogger's posts crawls by search engine for originality and other parameters checking.

2. Blogger's posts are saved in search engine database for indexing upon visitor's key-in.

3. Blogger's fail to add 'search engine friendly keywords' or 'search engine indexing keywords' on their post per niche which creates problem as not to index their post on search results that even creates an issue for the bloggers on either no traffic or very poor traffic than supposed to be. You may add interlink for additional organic traffic benefit.

So, try to rectify the mistakes you had done so far and tune the old posts accordingly or try to add the most searchable keywords (per Google Analytic) or use search engine friendly keywords on your post to get them indexed on search results.

I hope that you got some idea from this and would love to hear from you as well. You may ask question herein below 'from comment' option to reply you. Best wishes.