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How to become intelligent investors through e-learning – Finsafe

Are you looking for tips or guideline on personal wealth management or its e-learning method? If so, here you go. Finsafe has released an e-learning module FinSmart to help interested people on a scalable learning solution for a personal wealth management. If you are desperately needed to invest money in e-trading or e-stock or e-share with safe return then this is the best portal to look forward for. The benefit includes investing, saving, taxation, credit scores and insurance etc.

What is Finsafe?
It is a private limited company that assists on an e-learning for personal wealth management. Its user can learn how to earn money online from e-trading. Finsafe India Private Limited has launched an e-learning module that consists of comprehensive information regarding personal wealth management. Their FinSmart module of 2 hours webinar for those who would like to learn and earn the most of their disposable income.

What is FinSmart?
FinSmart helps its user to know all about the basics of investment and concepts like inflation, compounding and risk in great amount of info. This concept and guideline can enrich your e-trading potential. Also, investment tools such as mutual funds, insurance, debt instruments and pension, as well as factors affecting them are described in depth. Users also can gain from a comprehensive financial planner, a model portfolio and the facility for making online investments. The learning duration is just 2 hours. The next one is all about Finsafe.

Benefits of Finsafe
Finsafe was created with the purpose of being a knowledge repository to the users that simplifies financial information and empowers people to create wealth. From this, a person who is like a dummy can learn some basic things to higher level on various finance tradings via online source that turn him / her to a big winner from Financial investment with secure return and profit. A Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC survey has found that more than 70% of Indians fare badly in financial literacy. “In a surging economy like India’s, it is crucial that individuals are informed to take an effective action to improve overall financial well-beingand avoid monetary distress.”, says Mrin Agarwal.

Finsafe’s efforts converge towards building a more financially inclusive future and FinStart is designed to address the investor awareness gap. This can help its users to learn various unknown points wherein the user can go with confident to handle financial investment alone to turn a big profit. FinStart is among the first of its kind opportunities for Indians to learn all about wealth management and investment at the place and pace of their choice.

FinSmart is an initiative of Mrin Agarwal, who won the CNBC Grand Jury Award for contribution on Financial Inclusion & Education in 2015. Mrin is also the co-founder of Womantra, a training program aimed at enhancing financial awareness among women. Womantra has trained more than 5000 people across 40 corporates across India over the last 2.5 years. The training sessions conducted by Womantra brought out those most young professionals in India were not prepared to achieve their financial aspirations and further highlighted the critical need to raise financial awareness and inclusion.

Who can join in FinSmart?
The candidate above 35 years old is eligible to apply for this.

Finsafe India Pvt. Ltd. detail

Finsafe is a pioneer in bringing e-learning solutions on personal-wealth management to India. Finsafe is a finance education & inclusion organization focused on equipping people with strategies to handle their money with focus on goals, growth and safety. Learn more at