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How do Hacker hack the Website or Computers or Passwords?

Before going through with this detail on hacking or ethical hacking or cracking the system or password etc., I would like to inform all of you that there are different types of hacking taking place usually. 
Some hacking are educational purpose, some hacking are to check the flaws in the system and some of the hacking (precisely crackers) are seriously hurts to others or steal info from others or just for ransom game etc.

Hacking term is wrong one actually and hacking word become popular just because of the media or online sources. There are differences between hacking or ethical hacking vs cracking. Hackers are the system or software technician. Ethical hacking vs Cracker has huge differences, we normally heard hacked the system or password, it is actually done by Crackers and not the Hackers. I will let you know its detail over here.

You might have heard the latter one (Cracker) just, possibly. Hacker is like a Hero (hacker hacking the source just to learn the system's loophole and not to misuse or hurt or make anyone lose) whereas the cracker (villain) hack the system or website just to misuse or steal info or because of monetary fraud etc. There will be a Hero and Villain in this interesting game and without them there won't be a show. Yes, what do they do?

As above said in brief, one does experiment to find out the loophole or flaws in the system or source and the other one is learning and misusing the knowledge to hurt or get ransom etc.

What are the ways Hacker (Cracker) hack your website or computers or password or even smartphone?

You will find the system cracking or password stealing by the crackers detail as below; it is all about hacking and cracking detail in short. Before that, I would like to let you know some villain acts and may be you have heard of, I mean, cracker hacked the online sources once from well-known Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, NBC, ZenDesk, and Drupal etc.

Types or list of hacker or cracker attack

DDOS attack – Distribute denial of service attack
Remote code execution attack
Cross site request forgery attack
Symlinking – an insider attack
Social Engineering attacks
DNS cache poisoning
Clickjacking attacks
Broken Authentication and Session Management attack
Cross site scripting attacks
Injection Attack

They are some of the steps which the cracker uses these techniques based on their different targets. Each above types of hacking or cracking detail will be given in the next post on how cracker crack the website or computer. Time being, you would have learned what is hacking, what is cracking, how to be safer from hacking, how to be safer from cracking etc. I will write more detail about them. So, stay tuned.