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10 steps to solve the laptop or desktop issues / troubles

Are you looking for information on how to solve laptop issues simply without spending money much? If so, here you go for its detail. Learn how to troubleshoot laptop or desktop? Before handling the system issue, make sure to remove power plug cord and laptop battery.

The important one is, one has to find out the exact issue of the system to solve accordingly. There are some sign for each problem and have to handle likewise.

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If your laptop gives trouble upon start up, then open the small screw box at the bottom (reverse side) of the laptop and remove RAM gently. Try to clean RAM (golden teeth area) and its surrounding area’s dust then start to fix it back like before to re-start the system. This applies to the older type laptop and latest device comes little differently as smartphone type RAM.

RAM issues in laptop or desktop:

Most of them doesn’t know RAM issue but just assuming that it might be either Hard disk issue or Motherboard issue etc. Finding RAM issue can be done by experience or expert only. This is the same case even for Desktop too.

If you are still facing the same problem, found out and confirmed that the issue is from RAM only despite cleaning it then you have to change the suitable RAM only. For example, if it has DDR2 RAM then you have to buy or replace the same DDR2 RAM only for the laptop. 

If you change the different RAM then it won’t fix first of all or possibly issue in case if it is wrongly fixed. This is the same case for Desktop as well. Please note that laptop RAM size is smaller than Desktop one, so, if you are not aware then try to learn it before handling it.

In case if it is not a RAM issue and you are facing OS related issue with the message from the system, then you have to re-install Operating System suitably to work it again. Before that, make sure there is no dislocation of the hard disk at your system.

OS issues in laptop or desktop:

It may be possible that OS gives trouble if the hard disk is dislocated due to various reasons, so, need to open hard disk area by small screw and fix it properly to function OS smoothly without re-installing OS.

It may be possible that either start up or OS issues can occur due to laptop battery issue, thus, try this step as well before concluding anything else. 

Battery issues in laptop or desktop:

Yes, try to remove the laptop battery and then give the direct power connection to Laptop to check whether it is working normally or not.

If yes, then the issue is from battery only, thus, you have to change the laptop battery or else needed to use it with direct power connection without battery, to use it right now. It happens as strange sometime.

Overheating of the laptop can give troubles for a while, so, it is better to switch off for few hours in case if there is an issue in Laptop after continuous usage for more than half day or few days or often heating issue in laptop etc.

Other issues on laptop or desktop:

RAM / memory size:

If your laptop is less than 1GB RAM then there might be issue of smooth work. So, need to increase 1GB and above RAM as long as there is slot available for it. Do not confuse with RAM vs WiFi chip.

Virus issues:

Virus can harm your PC or Laptop, so, it is better to have anti-virus, or anti spyware can be of helpful.

Earthing issue:

Earthing issue can trouble your laptop or desktop. You can check about it, in case, if your laptop or desktop gives shock while touching it on somewhere then it could harm the system one or other day.

CMOS issues:

It is rare that either ‘clock battery’ (CMOS) issue or ‘BIOS’ issue can happen, so, this something strange with rare issue, and some expert can solve it by replacing the small round sized clock battery.

Connector issue:

On the smaller note, some laptop or desktop might have 'connector' to fix with the hard disk to connect with mother-board, in this case, if connector is missing for any reason then such laptop will give a big issue till you fix the connector to hard disk.

Adapter issue:

In case the system adapter has an issue then the power supply stops to the device thus the laptop or desktop won't start. You have to identify it.

Heating issues:

If the system fan is not working or malfunction then your system may off anytime or won't work, so, make sure that computer fans has no issue.

These are the ten steps to troubleshoot your desktop or laptop. Try it if you face the problem.