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Cleartrip launched “Local” apps for better enhancement

The identifying problem of the customer and solving is the main priority of Cleartrip, says head. Cleartrip has launched its new feature called ‘Local’ and its app for iOS and Android users. The event was taken place in Hyatt, Bangalore, on 21st Jun 2016.

Adding to their brief, genuine problems of the consumer have to be identified from their real feedback and other sources, he further added. They got well experienced in this business and their learning phase specially while 2015 was huge. They got to learn consumer behavior enormously. Though Travel is one line of business they do, they offer wide ranges of customer services on travel including activities and GoKart etc.

As Cleartrip local launches ‘LOCAL’ feature, it took three to four months and mass work for creating the platform. Now, seller on-board can utilize this feature widely through themes and mobile consumer. The platform and service is reliable for all. The main challenge is education to the seller and identifying the consumer needs apparently.

Cleartip Local includes activities, flight, inventory, outdoor stuff, theme park, mid-large, 160+ amusement in India viz. Scuba diving, unique activity, Gokart, dine-one, restaurant menu, Insight view and F & B detail etc.

Cleartrip local also added with various events across city, fitness features, pass can be bought by consumer and any gym can be used in multiple cities via pass. Their business engaging is between seller and consumer then its positive result stats. They are trying their best for genuine intent database from both the sides.

Note: Cleartrip started to serve international ticket service from 2010 for Dubai flight. They are serving around 15 thousand different activities live.

Cleartrip Local App went live on 20th June 2016.

The event was taken place in Hyatt, Bangalore, on 21st Jun 2016.