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Jane App features

What is Jane App? What is most talked-about feature in it? How it is useful? Do you have question in your mind like this on Jane App? If yes, read this brief article so that you can get something out of it.

Jane’s most talked-about feature, developed to be incredibly easy for patients to book and manage their visits.

Jane makes sure that anyone can search for and secure an appointment – even people with little computer experience. Once patients see how effortless it is to book with you, they’ll be back!

Jane App features:

Booking Made Easy

Online booking was the first thing they have created for Jane so it works seamlessly with your clinic’s schedule. 

There’s never a delay or discrepancy in what a patient sees in the calendar versus what your staff sees. And there’s no extra configuration required.

  • Easy and fun to use
  • Intuitive, visual and totally online
  • Patients quickly see which therapists are available
  • Easy to book an appointment in just a few clicks

  • Choose Your Practitioner and Specialty
  • At a glance, clients can see all the services, treatments and availabilities you offer and select from them.

  • Filter a search to see only the information you need
  • Patients can create an appointment with a specific practitioner if they have a preference
  • Patients can choose from available therapists if they have a specific time slot in mind.

  • Fully Integrated With Your Clinic’s Workflow
  • Jane is designed to fill practitioners’ schedules for an efficient day. That means no awkward gaps in the day and it’s easy to fill last-minute openings.

  • Availability is real time – to the second
  • Instantly reserves a patient's selection in the staff schedule – no double booking here
  • Clinics decide how far ahead they will allow online appointments
  • Smart scheduling maximizes the earning potential of each clinician (and your clinic!).

Email Notifications:

Jane reduces the number of forgotten or missed appointments by automatically emailing patients helpful reminders.

  1. Patients receive an email confirmation at the time of booking.
  2. Set reminders to be sent 24 hours / 48 hours etc. before the appointment.
  3. Practitioners can opt in to receive booking notifications.
  4. Reduces Data Collection.
  5. Organization is key! Stay on top of the steady stream of patient details, insurance information, and other data with Jane.

  • Collect data on a patient's reason for visiting and insurance information prior to arriving
  • Online record keeping is secure, and reduces your clinic's paper costs and paper waste.
  • Convenient for Patients
  • Jane gives patients access to their patient profile.

Patients can view their upcoming appointments and cancel or reschedule visits
Patients can view their appointment history
Practitioners can post documents, notes and chart entries to a patient’s account. Great for exercise instructions, reference information, lab results, and xrays.

Jane App pricing: Starts at $74.00* per month. They do not have a free version. Jane App does not offer a free trial.

Hope the above article helps you. Thanks for your reach here.

You can visit Jane's website for further detail or contacts.