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How to set Screen Time Passcode in iPhone

Would you like to know how to set the 'Screen Time Passcode' in Apple's iPhone? Did you forgot it? Do your iPhone has iOS 13.4 updated? If yes, you can learn or find the steps to know to set the Screen Time passcode in iPhone. 

You can reset the screen time passcode for safety and security of the device or even kid's phone.

In case if you would like to adjust the restrictions on your child’s device, but forgot your Screen Time passcode? 

In iOS 13.4, you can reset it with your Apple ID. Find the detail as follow.

We have given the steps below to set or reset the Screen Time passcode for your iPhone. For that, you need to have your Apple ID and Password and the OS should be iOS 13.4.

How to set Screen Time Passcode in iPhone?

Step 1: In Setting tap, screen time.

Step 2: Tap Change Screen time Passcode

Step 3: Again, Tap Change Screen time Passcode

Step 4: Tap 'Forgot Passcode'.

Step 5: Enter your 'Apple ID' and 'Password'.

Step 6: Enter the 'New Passcode'.

Hope the above steps helped you to do the changes in your iPhone. Stay tuned for more updates.

You can contact us if you have any further query regarding this. Enjoy iPhone features.

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