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Uniwide HIMS

Uniwide Hospital Information Management System (HIS) was developed by Information Technology Group of UNIWIDES with the assistance of professionals from the Health Care Group. 

If you are interested to know more about Uniwide Hospital Management System which is a comprehensive HIS (Hospital Information System) that takes care of all functional aspects of all types of hospitals and medical industries then read its brief herein below.

It service depend on the characteristics of a particular hospital, provision for customization is there to satisfy the specific needs of the hospital. For having better reach to patient the system can be enhanced with web based interfaces for Patient Registration and other key areas.

Apart from key hospital management modules, a comprehensive Stores, Accounts, Payroll and Inventory module along with the fully atomized pharmacy and laboratory module aims at providing better efficient easy and accurate services to the patient. 

The system has the flexibility to make it functional across multiple locations. Its modular design enables computerization in phases. The system functionality is controlled by a comprehensive security facility spread over layers of users.

Uniwide has Web based solution for hospital management. Features include inventory, CRM, and facility management Accounts and Payroll module along with the fully customized pharmacy and laboratory module.

The package will help the users, viz. the hospital Administrators, Doctors and other staff to keep track of every tit bits of the activities performed in the various departments of the hospital.

Uniwide also undertake the Software development and Mobile application for various services including hospital, education, training, HR and BI etc.

The main advantage of the package is that the user of a particular module can have his / her information readily available without the help or assistance of the users of other module. 

Uniwide Hospital Management System has customers across Asia, USA, and UK market to growth & profit for healthcare organization, maintain smooth work activity, visualize demographic data of hospital.

You can visit uniwide website for more detail on their services, demo, contact and pricing etc.