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iPhone SE 2020: Pros and Cons

Why iPhone SE 2020 is the best? Would you like to know the reason including its pros and cons or advantage and disadvantages? If yes, here you go. 

Apple has recently launched iPhone SE 2020 smartphone in three different colors, viz. Black, White and Red with the price tag of $399 each. All of them are okay but we need to consider few points over here as few techie expert says after first impression, hands-on and review etc. too. 

There could be pros and cons in everything, yes, in everything depend on our knowledge, research, comparisonsituation and view etc. on that source or product. So, this device also likewise, filled with pros and cons.

Are you surprise to know what are the pros and cons of iPhone SE 2020? If yes, We will list out few of them below and before that we would like to let you know that, you have got this phone in an half price almost when you consider some of the features of the subject phone against the iPhone 11 series. Yes.

The cons about the iPhone SE 2020 are, few, yes, few of them are, Apple is a large company, they could increase $50 or $100 if needed for the same instead of $399 to give little extra size of the phone instead of old SE size / dimension, full-view screen instead of old pattern and fast charger etc. in 2020. Yes, in year 2020.

However, few portal in selected countries' give more discount or cashback offer for the iPhone SE 2020 that would benefit many but not all. The phone has not arrived yet in many countries after its launch due to COVID-19 crisis. 

This is one more unfortunate naturally for business and users.

iPhone SE 2020 pros:

iPhone 11 series features stuffed in
Camera result is very good on photo or video (4k)
Decent price with as many features
SE standard size which likes by some
Additional cashback or discount on selected portal / country
A13 Bionic chipset (latest)
Support wireless charging
iPhone 8 stuff

iPhone SE 2020 cons:

Old pattern or size or dimension
4.7" IPS LCD display
No fingerprint
No quick-charge
No additional camera
No headphone jack
Less battery capacity
No face ID
Within Apple community

Hope the above info helps you to know a bit about the iPhone SE 2020. We would update more detail on this, soon. Stay tuned.