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How to make a mask with fabric - DIY

This is the question many have in their mind right now due to lockdown or non-availability of mask around for COVID-19 and looking for the tips on how to make a mask with fabric to protect oneself from Corona Virus or Pandemic? If you are looking for the same then we can help you to make mask, at home.

DIY mask. It will be better if you have a stitching machine at home. The next requirement is all about some cotton or safety cloth that would be few meters in case if you would like to make a mask for huge quantity. And, if you are planning to make one or less quantity mask with fabric then one meter cloth is enough to do so. 

Also, it will be a good option if you have elastic at home to stitch it with mask either side ears for wearing support. If you don't have then you can still make certain size of cloth wears either side for it.

The next part is, measurement of the mask. If you have any old / new mask in handy then you can take its measurement including folding and stitching area beside three center folds. You can then three fold in the middle of the main mask before finishing the border of the mask. You can do it in one shot while stitching the border if you are an expert on this.

Once you had done it, you can then slightly stitch the elastic or elastic measured material either side after border stitch done. And again, you can stitch the elastic or elastic measured material either side in shot too while going through and if you are an expert.

The next part is, there are different types of fabric mask can be stitched in general. It is depend on your expertise. As a beginner, you can simply try one method to do it and try to make a mask with 100% finishing. Once you are comfortable and satisfied with the mask finishing then you can try with a different pattern.

Things to keep ready for the fabric mask:

Clean cloth (at least half meter for one or two masks, or else, more for higher quantity).

Elastic for side stitching (few meters for higher quantity).

Cloth cutting for elastic size measurement in case if elastic is not available. Stitch it in advance with proper size.

Stitching machine, scissors and measurement pattern.

Matching Thread.

You can stitch handy too in case if you don't have sewing machine and the rest procedure is same.

Hope this article on how to make a mask with fabric is helped you. See the Google photo for some idea on different types of fabric mask.

You can check Corona FAQ and MapMyIndia Map and App for Corona help.