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Magento Commerce for your Business needs and growth

Are you planning to build eCommerce website for your online / offline business, tracking and getting all the details of customers' order, process, supply, sale and settlement etc.? Would you like to track all the purchase and sales record in just one portal? If yes, here is a good news for you.

Magento Commerce module is to acquire, convert, and retain more buyers through BI. Would you like to know how it works? Read the detail for more understanding.

Magento has competitors like Shopify, hybris, woocommerce, episerver and ecwid etc. Here you go for Magento BI Software or Tools for your business needs.

Business Intelligence:

The only commerce solution that also provides data pipeline, warehouse and visualization capabilities. 

Use Business Intelligence to take your eCommerce business to new heights. Use Magento BI to transform your data into value

Immediate Value and the Capabilities to Grow:

Out-of-the-box Magento provides vital commerce dashboards that make it simple to monitor business health. Never worry about trying to figure out your Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention rates, etc. again. 

Once you feel comfortable with those best practices, unleash the true power of your data with the complete business intelligence capabilities below.

A Single Home to Store Your Data
Integrated data pipeline and data warehouse technology.
Directly integrated with your Magento database
Multiple ways to connect other systems
Full-stack, automated data replication technology 
Central cloud-based warehouse for consolidated data
Extensive control and management
A Dedicated Space to Analyze
One platform to turn data into value.

How to use Magento Commerce for better website visual and Business process?

Create calculated columns and join tables
Customize and standardize your business metrics
Build analyses with easy to use report builder
Query your entire data warehouse for specific results
Extend the use of your data with export capabilities 
A Whiteboard to Visualize
Visualizations and tools to share insights with everyone.

How to use Magento Commerce effectively?

Turn your data into something visual
Access pre-built reports on day one
Stay organized with unlimited dashboards
Empower users with various user permission levels
Schedule and send analysis right to people’s inbox.

In general, eCommerce portal will have a different users and access on backend beside sign up by the customers online. Website will have associated with official email (to sign up info, receive the order or related communication), Pre-Paid (Credit card / payment gateway), CoD and customer detail etc. All works together to place and execute the order. Each associated portal will have an option to view and generate the report customize based.

Hope this article helped you in brief on Magento Commerce and process. You can get the Demo by filling your detail on their portal and would get assistance from them.