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How to earn money online during lockdown COVID-19 pandemic

Most of them are at home at this time or since few weeks due to lockdown, COVID-19, pandemic. Most of them have relaxed well for few days in the beginning itself when lockdown started. After that, they were trying to pass the time in a different manner from unusual way or trying to figure out how to earn money online or something else to save from economy crisis. 

Other than work or business, few are unable to go to gym for exercise and fitness, few are unable to go for daily walk and few have different reasons likewise. Some of them are doing routine exercise at home though it is not enough or it is like something is better than nothing. 

Few work from home (usual office work) assigned by the company so no worry about their salary. Few neither work from home nor have such an option for them except offline work which missing badly and no revenue too for a certain period. They even doesn't know how to earn money online with them.

There are different scenarios for each, including daily wages or labor people, auto or car driver or like Ola or Uber services etc. However, most of them have smartphones and few of them have additional skills compare to their routine job or business which can be effectively used at this time that might be helpful in the future.

For example, driver can share their different professional experience in the form of article (if can) or video (in a regional language at least) and publish them in certain platform by getting basic guideline from younger or known person nearby.

For professional, they have many options (including the above stated one), like, they can browse in the smartphone or laptop itself about various freelance jobs. Need to be careful and try to avoid the one who asks for any investment to begin with. 

Try to reach few Freelance website where you can sign up and browse for the suitable task if available. Take a small project and complete it within time frame given. If client is happy then you will get your money plus one more project from the same client. 

The more project you do, the more chances of adding your project detail in your profile as well and that would attract other client to get few more projects in the future.

You can become writer or blogger or Youtuber for earning in the future if not now. You have to learn from other seniors on this as you will also get so many articles or YouTube videos on how to earn money online. There might be many option to earn money online but don't confuse with all. Try to search and take one task which suits your talent to get things done. And slowly move like this. Check the genuine sites or client detail carefully.

If you are trying to go behind all or few then you will end up by doing nothing at the end. So, select one task available to complete the project. Also, again stressing to you that whoever ask you any investment sooner or later then still don't go with them.

What are the ways to earn money online?

Freelance platform
Typing work
Code / Software

Photo or travel profession or something like this at the time is not suitable though you can write about them in a suitable blog or video or magazine or any related firm to get paid at this time. You can even start YouTube to share your experience if you have not done yet. 

To get traffic or views, you have to promote it in different social media, email or WhatsApp etc. Tiktok is though gets huge views but it is unlike YouTube to earn dollars online.

Typing Jobs:

I have already shared a bit about Freelance. We can go to the next chapter. Yes, typing work. If you are expert in keyboard then you can either type or write for your own online project or other's typing requirement. You can search about it online. If there is any typing job available then contact them to get things done. 

Again, don't invest any money. You can test them by investing your work and time for few days on their project completion and its return (money). If Okay, you can continue, if not, ignore them and search other genuine sites or client.

Food / Drinks video or article: 

You can take video's of any types of food or drinks and publish them on your YouTube account. Who knows, your video might hit huge traffic / views. Few achieved like this only.

Interior design:

This is one more option to accept interior design or web design project from online clients to get things done if you are very well about them.

Code / Software project:

There are few hackathon's going on where they have announced the prize. If you are coder then this is the best time to participate there. Search it in social media about the code contest. Or, you can take code project from Freelance website too.

You can time being work from home by accepting few project that suits your qualification and experience. It is not necessary that what I have given the above topic like typing or code only needed to earn dollars online. You can use your time effectively always by using your talent in a right platform by just few search. 

Don't give up and don't waste your time much on watching news or films or playing online game etc. Best wishes.