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Faradion Bags First Order for Sodium-ion Batteries from ICM Australia

Faradion Ltd., world leader in sodium-ion battery technology, has announced its first order from ICM Australia. If you are interested to know more about it then here it's brief.

Sodium-ion batteries, owing to its exceptional superiority over lithium-ion batteries, are likely to revolutionize the automobile / mobility, storage and mobile sectors across the world. 

· Sodium-ion batteries are a superior alternative to Chinese Lithium-ion batteries.

· Sodium-ion batteries poised to revolutionize mobile and automobile sectors.

· Faradion actively looking at India as a destination for manufacturing of Sodium-ion batteries. 

Faradion’s Sodium-ion technology provides similar performance to conventional chemists, while replacing expensive materials such as cobalt and lithium with the far more abundant sodium. 

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, Faradion’s sodium-ion batteries have exceptional thermal stability and safety. Further they can be safely transported and maintained at zero volts.

India is one of the largest markets for mobile devices across the world. Recently the country has also demonstrated significant progress in the adoption of EV (Electric Vehicle) technology, making it a priority market for Faradion. 

Further, as the world seeks out alternatives to China-dependent Lithium-ion batteries, Faradion’s Sodium-ion based technology offers a promising solution. 

In line with this, Faradion is actively exploring manufacturing presence in India for its Sodium-ion batteries for diversified applications.