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MocDoc LIMS - Lab software

What is MocDoc? What is LIMS? Would you like to know about these? Here you go. MocDoc is a brand and Lab and healthcare software. LIMS is all about the Laboratory Information Management System.

If you are looking for the latest Lab or Medical industry software then this is one of the option that you have around. You can find its brief over here.

MocDoc LIMS software features:

Manage your Entire Laboratory from One place:

The Laboratory Information Management System MocDoc LIMS tool helps even the busiest Labs run more efficiently by automating many tasks. Highly trusted and used by Pathologists and Diagnostics Centers across the world.

Quick Setup:

As MocDoc Laboratory Software is completely SaaS based it’s already installed and configured in the cloud. This minimizes common delays resulting from often lengthy traditional software deployment. It is easily adaptable to all small to multi-chain clinical laboratories.

Pay as you Go:

This SaaS based medical Laboratory software gives you the benefit of predictable costs both for the subscription and to some extent, the administration. Even as you scale, you can have a clear idea of what your costs will be!


All you need to access the lab management software is a browser and a internet connection. This is generally available on a wider range of devices and from anywhere in the world, making SaaS more accessible than the traditional business software installation.

Fully Custom Report:

From Order Request till Result Notification, entire lifecycle is handled in this lab software.

Phlebotomist App:

Android and iOS App helps in planning for sample management and updating the sample data in real time.

Barcode Scanning:

A single click lab solution software to generate Bar Codes, compatible with Barcode Printer.

Auto Abnormality Alert:

An option to enable abnormal alerts removes any human errors involved.

Quality Control:

Adhere to the norms of Accreditation Boards and remain an authorized laboratory with the help of MocDoc Laboratory software. Maintain high-quality standards and accuracy in results.

Machine Interfacing:

The only bounden duty to the lab technician is to manually place the Sample and set it on. Upon completion of sampling process, the results are automatically fetched on LIMS server without any instructions or prompting.

Franchise Management:

Remote Control to Manage Franchise Labs ! This is your hassle-free solution to monitor and manage your Franchise labs and systematize their functioning regardless of their geographic presence.

Online Cloud Based LIMS Software which automates your laboratory works that reduces TAT. Device Interfacing. 

Phlebotomy iOS / Android App. Abnormal Indicators/Alert. And on.

You can get free Demo as well. Visit MocDoc official website for more detail.