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How to earn money online - tips and guideline

We have earlier published an article on how to make money online, in brief. In that, you will learn how to earn few dollars from Blogging and YouTube etc. In fact, there are many other ways to earn money online as well, like, affiliate marketing, article writing for others, promoting brands, review for a certain products, becoming influencer and on.

So, there are lot of opportunities to earn bucks from online in a honest and right way as long as you have a potential talent with patient and consistency performances with a reasonable quality result for the brands or users or clients.

You can pick one of the above or more projects as per your time limit to contribute online and earn money from these sources. 

Other than this, if you are interested to blog and earn out of it then there are couple of things that must be observed and continue to contribute for a long duration. So, that you can expect some result for sure. Research and Analyze is very important wherever and whatever you contribute to learn and study it well about the pros and cons etc. and take steps accordingly.

Blogger has to pick one niche and continue to post differently in a different time with ethics and without any violation. For example, a travel blogger can write different article with different story about the xyz place. Keep on posting few different travel niche posts on a blog for a long duration beside analyzing which blog post fetch traffic and all. 

You can even write a different article on xyz and abc topic differently. Keep on contribution to know whether it fetches traffic or not. The best one is organic traffic for a long duration. Social promotion of your article won't help much. However, it is not bad at all to promote your post.

In case if you are writing for a travel niche, then try to search travel or vacation or excursion or entertainment or recreation or tourism or hotspot related keywords or long-tail keywords etc., even they can search from SEMRush or keywords tool available free online. Please remember to search "high volume low competition keywords" that might help your blog for sure.

Tips to get better traffic to blog:

Title or URL structure is very important.
Small introduction or article summary afterward.
At least 500 words post would help you and it shall contain as below;

  • Subject keywords (max three) and its alternate keywords.
  • At least few short paragraphs than a larger para.
  • How to or what is...? etc. would help to fetch traffic.
  • At least one relevant image or video would help the post.
  • H2 or H3 tag for headline within article would help.
  • Internal link (related topic or post) would also help.

These are few tips for you. Hope this info helps you. Feel free to add your query or comment below with regards to the above subject and we would get back to you with reply. Stay tuned for more such articles in the near future.