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Ather scooter new OTA Update, features and vehicle enhancements

With every new Over the Air (OTA) update Ather is improving the scooters and exploring its potential by using technology and user feedback to enhance the riding experience. 

What Ather energy have in store are a list of new exciting additions and features to the Ather 450 electric scooter.

Would you like to more about the latest OTA update for Ather 450 scooter? If yes, please read this article for its detail. Bringing owners' suggestions alive, one by one!

Brand new features:

· Parking Guide-me-home light for dimly lit parking spaces.

· Navigation Option to save work/home as a favorite.

· Two new trip meters Now owners can analyze their trips their way.

· Safety Alerts Real-time notifications related to starting the vehicle, charging, battery, thermals, etc.

Vehicle enhancements:

· % of charge Apart from the km left they will be able to see the percentage too.

· Dashboard reorganized for a better user interface.

· Reduced screen brightness for a comfortable night ride.

· Tap to see Tyre pressure info on the dashboard.

Bug fixes:

· Charger fan turned off at a high state of charge to reduce noise while charging.

· Motor fan noise reduced while riding at lower speeds.

· Charger lock Now the charging connector will unlock only when the key is turned ON.

· Docs on the dashboard The documents will appear clearer and can be zoomed in.

The above are the one OTA update done for Ather 450 scooter by Ather energy. There are more in the pipeline and those will be updated soon.