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Motorola One Pro smartphone with Quad camera: Launches and leaks

One more quad camera smartphone is coming and it is from Motorola. Yes, it could be Motorola One Pro phone. The square array camera recently launched by Huawei and it was Huawei Mate 20 Pro mobile phone. The next in the list of such quad camera is from, Apple's iPhone 11, Google's Pixel 4 phone and above subject phone. All of them are leaked info and unconfirmed one.

As per the latest update, Motorola One Pro smartphone is the one sports a quad camera. Moto One Action phone also expected to launch with triple rear camera and that will also possibly have the similar pattern.

These square array quad camera / lens from Moto One Pro is also mainly aimed for low light camera sensor with Night Vision Mode beside.

It is also expected that one of the camera would be 48 megapixel as well. 

Motorola One Vision is expected to launch in India very soon.

If you are searching for Motorola One Pro phone's launch date, key features, technical specifications, price, unboxing, hands-on, first impression, comparison and price detail etc. then you could find few of them over here once it is officially announces and launches anytime soon.

Until we review the new smartphone, we could say, this may be the best gameplay phone. Best camera phone. And most features packed smartphone too. We would cover pros and cons of the new phone soon.