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MediaTek Helio P65 SoC Chipset / Processor features

MediaTek mobile chipset manufacturer has introduced Helio P65 SoC Chipset in MWC Shanghai 2019 (June 25, 2019). The brand has earlier released many chipset / processor to various brand smartphones and tab. This includes Helio P70 for Realme and P90 for Oppo Reno smartphones etc.

Hope you are aware the recent news about MediaTek's upcoming 5G chipset as well. We will update you about this later and we will get back to interesting one and the fresh product, MediaTek Helio P65 SoC. Yes, it comes with potential features which includes, AI-powered triple threat w/big performance, big cameras and great gaming. 

For gaming, a new Arm G52-class GPU lifts the bar. The powerful Octa-core processor provides big performance, and multi-camera support with 48 megapixel cameras. Yes.

Helio P65 SoC comes with 2x Cortex-A75 (2.0GHz) and 6x Cortex-A55. This also comes with 48MP Quad bayer and Dual 16MP camera set-up.

If you are interested to know more detail or comparison Helio P65 SoC vs Helio P70 SoC for better understanding, you can check the below image.

We would update more about the latest Processor and it's usage brand phones or tab detail soon. Stay tuned.