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How to earn money online? Niche, content and reach

How to earn money online is one of the normal question for a newbie and sometime even for regular contributor online. Do you have the same question too? Read it then.

Newbie is a general one and eager to know from basic to some more detail ahead. How about some regular contributor who hardly earn compare to the same amount of effort done by few others and they earns far better regularly. 

Quest and question arises for sure on this. Somewhere lack by the regular contributor online who doesn't earn properly compare to other who earn better with same or less effort or contribution online.

Few succeed to earn somewhat better digit money from online source as regular income and few earn reasonable digit or decent income constantly without fail. Their life successfully runs from online source only. 

This is not about the group or a company but an individual who does it and later might be increased manpower or joint contributors for the same source for even better revenue opportunities. 

However, many not earning as such but try to learn, research, follow the expert, contribute and wait patiently but still doesn't come closer even less than half. How to earn money online? The question remain same.

There are many sources to contribute and get paid. One of the popular one is, Google AdSense platform that provides reasonable money for its contributor. Like, text content (on blog or website) or video content (in YouTube platform) with approved AdSense account to earn money online. 

There are some basic requirement to get approval of the AdSense account from Google to do this. Likewise, there are few more platforms and different sources to contribute and get paid. These are few methods to earn money online.

Remember, the 'niche' also very important. Commerce, Finance, Business, Trading, Insurance etc. niche works better in terms of traffic (reach / audience) than other different niche. So, make sure you have check the niche before start to jump it.

The best part at the moment is, reach, for your contribution on a particular niche. The more reach, the more chances and possibilities to get paid for the content whether it could be of text or video. It's as simple as that. 

The question right now is, how to get 'huge reach' or 'huge audience' for your text or video content is the question? The answer for this one is many but few of them are, regular contribution beside promoting them on social media. Building relation with the audience and brand etc.

Your content is like a mediator between the audience / visitors (as reach) and the brands. The more reach, the more chances of growth and potential earnings. So, content is King again though, still you have to work hard post content publishes.

The other step is, if you are a writer then you can get in touch with others who asks you to write and get paid for. Another one is, Freelance platform where you can join and choose your project to complete it for your client within the time frame and get paid.

As such, there are many platforms including developer or app maker where one can try their best to contribute and earn online.

Hope the above article helps you to get some idea. Feel free to add your comment on this subject to reply you.