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Zoook Beatbox Pro: Features and price - The luxury audio products

The French company Zoook has Introduced the Ultimate Beatbox Pro with Portable Trolley which is most powerful, portable, DJ mixer pad and LED effects gadgets in the latest row.

If you are looking for Zoook's Beatbox Pro audio device detail like key features, review and price etc. then you may find them over here.

Zoook Beatbox Pro specification and features:

The brand has introduced today the ultimate sound machine – Beatbox Pro. The device comes with unmatched sound quality, DJ console features, amazing battery backup and a lifestyle product for the youth or parties.

This is one of the flagship products from Zoook. The music device comes with HQ powerful amplifier along-with Xdrive mode, scratch wheel, and tone control. Beatbox Pro delivers monstrous music with exceptional sound quality. The device has a built-in battery of 5 hours backup and portable trolley. 

Zoook Beatbox Pro has connectivity options such as USB, Bluetooth, and AUX so you can rock the party with your favorite tracks. If you are searching for the best and luxury musical or audio products then this is one of them.

You can enrich you parties using the gadget and enjoy professional DJ console features such as the Fader, Scratch, Reverb, Beatbox, Yeah, Common, Geya, and Drums. 

Zoook Beatbox Pro price: INR 17,999/-. 

Tips: This is one of the latest and the best portable DJ mixer. If you are a music lover and traveler then this is one of the best choice for you to check and go with it. The Excalibur blog suggest you on this.