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Yerha Reinvent phone: Features, specs and price

The brand (Yerha) has released ultra-slim dual SIM feature phone called 'Reinvent' that comes with price tag of INR 3,999. The device comes with various features, which includes the phone can be paired with any smartphone (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth and comes with handsfree BT dialer as well.

If you are searching for Yerha Reinvent mobile phone key features, technical specification, review, comparison and price detail etc. then you may find them over here.

The Reinvent phone is one of the world's sleekest GSM gadget. Its overall weight is 80 grams only. The technology innovation around. The device also supports regional languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, and Gujarati.

Yerha Reinvent phone features:

The super sleek and stylish phone is designed with 6.4mm, with 12 cm height and 4.4 cm width in sizes. The device is powered by 500mAh battery and has 32 GB extendable memory option beside.

Other features in this gadget is MP3 player with Bluetooth and MicroSD Card, Smart Keypad for typing SMS, Loud Speaker, FM Radio, Sound Recording, Calculator, Alarm, and Calendar etc. The feature phone has a memory of up to 1000 contacts.

The attractive and feature rich phone can be used as a second phone too. Please find some more features, specs and price detail below.

Yerha Reinvent specification:

Dimensions: 6.4mm, 12 cm height, 4.4 cm width
Smart Keypad: Yes
Audio: MP3 player, FM Radio, Sound Recording, Loud Speaker
Bluetooth: Yes
GSM: supports 850/900/1800Mhz
SIM: Dual (Nano and Micro SIMs) + microSD option (32 GB extendable memory)
Battery: 500 mAh
Weighs 80 grams

Yerha Reinvent price: INR 3,999

Tips: The above phone can be used as same as feature and smartphone, combined. The ultrathin dual slim phone has enough features with unique design.