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XA launched LED TV Series and Stealth 2 Audio: Full specification, features, models and prices

XA, a well known name in home-entertainment systems has launched XA LED-TV series with 3D Comb filter and Smart Energy Saving feature, and XA 339 STEALTH-2. 

If you are searching for XA brand television and Stealth audio gadgets then you may find them herewith.

If you are looking for cheap and best TV or television or the best speakers then you may get some detail over here. We have also furnished herewith XA LED TV features, specification and price detail etc.

XA LED TV features and models:

XA has launched three LED-TV models – XA-9430 (43 inch), XA-9320 (32 inch), and XA-9240 (24 inch) in different price ranges with different specification. These television has unique features as well. 

The TV set comes with a 3D Comb filter, it is nothing but an electronic filter that separates the luminance signal from the chrominance signal three horizontal scan lines of the video at a time. 

This is one of the main and unique features among few more. The above feature will help in reducing video noise, colour bleeding or cross-colour interference and dot crawl and gives the viewer a clearer, sharper, and richer video picture.

These slim LED models come with Smart Energy Saving features, 2 USB, 2 HDMI, AV Mode, VGA input, PC input, and Headphone out. 

The XA television price starts from INR 12,990 and goes above based on the features of the TVs.

The other gadget detail is given here. XA 339 STEALTH-2 speakers come with Bass Reflex Technology. It offer seamless connectivity to all mobile devices and music players with Bluetooth and FM, and super heavy “Dragon Bass” for better entertainment around and enjoying holidays or weekend.

If you are planning to convert your living room into a home theater with world-class audio and video products available at surprisingly fair prices then you can try XA brand gadgets, as mentioned above.

XA LED TV price: XA-9430 is priced at Rs.43990, XA-9320 at Rs. 21,990, XA-9240 at Rs. 12,990/=*.

XA 339 STEALTH-2 price: Rs. 9,999/=*

About XA: It is launched in 2016, XA is a part of US$ 200 Million MCC group, based in New Delhi, India with interests in Consumer Electronics and Real Estate.

Tips: Your living room can be as same as home theatre from the above gadgets. You can enjoy the television and audio entertainment in a luxury way.