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Google AdSense team most probably recently sent an email to its Publishers (AdSense account holders) whose Ads revenue reduced gradually from higher to a lower one despite their publishing / contribution is still a reasonable one. 

The revenue reducing from the highest to a lowest one currently is something strange and no idea all about except some people might have gave up to write and publish or stiff competitions for the niche, other than this, it could be possibly other various reasons which we are unaware at the moment. 

So, Google also would like to know from its Publishers to ensure that they help AdSense Publishers to go with the same flow as they did before. Why not earning now but before? 

In general, many used to ask, how to earn money from AdSense, tips and tricks for AdSense revenue etc. but this time gone differently for the bloggers or writers. Yes, read for more detail.

This is a good initiative from Google AdSense team of course. We know that many people or bloggers or writers still would like to get an AdSense account as they haven't got it yet despite few might have just known about it. 

Few might have already known and applied once or twice, some might have got approved but the revenue might be a poor one due to various reasons, some might have got gradually increasing Ads revenue from the beginning till date, some might have violated its policy and would have got disabled as well. 

So, there are many cases where publishers stand against AdSense. Whatsoever, the concern from Google to its Publishers is all about poor revenue for those who once earned well and unable to earn likewise at present. The potential for earning from AdSense by Publishers is still open widely. 

The content is King. So, Google might have sent an email to such selected such publishers (I am one of them) and wanted to know the reason to overcome from it. This is a good initiative from Google to Publishers to be able to come out from this scenario and reminder as well to contribute once again to gradually increase the quality posts thus revenue. 

However, why these bloggers or writers gave up time being to contribute or affected from top revenue to poor one at present from AdSense. 

We can analyze on this, how? Read this article to know more detail about AdSense experience.

I have few bloggers (online and offline friends) and some of them have AdSense account and earned well once and now unable for them to earn like before due to various reasons. 

So, poor revenue at the moment for them, and some of them have AdSense account but earned very less from the beginning due to contribution ratio accordingly. 

Whatsoever, there are many other scenarios where AdSense members (Publishers) got affected from good to bad. Find the below reasons for it.

1. The one who earned a lot once might have different commitment or reduced to contribute compare to past golden days, or,

2. They are contributing or might have contributed same as before but wouldn't have indexed their webpages or poor traffic affected them due to various reasons including Black hat SEO or White hat SEO etc.

3. The niche competitors (quality writers or blogs) might have increased or the content they published might not be required in the search for visitors

4. They might not have synced with the current AdSense algorithm and might be still following the old updates

5. Their contribution might have deviated in a different niche or website etc.

6. They might have completely gave up or contributing less than ten percentage compare to old days.

7. They might have used different brand Ad banners that might have affected or deviated the AdSense revenue (CPC)

8. Anyone would have copied or rewritten or plagiarism your blog content that might have affected as well.

There could be many other reasons which I am unable to recall to publish over here or we are unaware of it completely. 

So, you can share your experience by adding comment over here to communicate further to overcome from it. Thanks for visiting and reading this post. Have a nice day!