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Camera Revolution to Resolution

Here you go for some of the unique info on different Cameras and its innovation plus revolution. Yes, it has become mandatory nowadays for people have to have camera with them, no wonder if it is with the photographers or professional photographers, and even the camera with kids is really awesome. 

They click or take videos whatever they wanted to and sometime their photos are mind-blowing using different gadgets available around. No surprise, camera's revolution begun since many decades and camera's revolution changed to resolution as well, right now.

These days you can see 20MP (mega pixel) Smartphone camera lens simply which is really a revolution in this camera history and process. It is different story that camera like DSLR that comes even more than 36MP which is awesome, the 36MP sensor can be found in Nikon's D810 and EOS 5DS is about 50.6MP and they are trying for 120MP too. 

How Camera and Mega Pixel lens has taken the journey since many decades? It has a big story though I am not going to write everything over here. You can get its detail somewhere in online sources and you can read it if you are interested.

You can see some of the photos of camera (few of them taken photos at Vivo V5 Mumbai event) and few in different occasion. Whatsoever, sharing with you to learn and enjoy it.
The recent one from Smartphone and this device (Coolpad Note 5 successor to the Coolpad Note 3 phone) brought some revolution in Camera, pixel and aperture so quickly and the journey widen from other smartphone brands very quickly.

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