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How to set disable for auto playing videos in Facebook

After the recent updates from Facebook, some of the changes had taken places and one of them is whatever Videos shared by our friends' circle is automatically on and play without our notice while browsing FB pages. It is not only irritate us but, slow down speed and consumes heavy data etc. 

However, most of them would like to know how to set switch off or disable the auto playing video  in FB? Now, the question is, where to set off? Smartphone or Computer / Website? Anyhow, both have an option to set disable for it.

From computer, you can reach to (or) Facebook setting for video page and then click on 'disable' option if it shows 'default' or 'on' as per below screen. That's it.

If you would like to know how to disable auto playing videos in Smartphone then go to FB icon and go to setting then follow the same steps given. The difference is, you have to use different tab and option in mobile to do the same, so, it is better to off it via online / website setting through computer or laptop, which might help you on this.