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Hue lights from Philips

Lighting has changed – this is the theme of the Philips. Hue is personal wireless lighting for your rooms or home which innovated by Philips. Hue can be controlled by Smartphone apps or web-enabled function.

Philips, the undisputed leader in lighting solutions in the country launched the world’s dynamic web-enabled LED home lighting system in India on 8th Sep 2015. It was launched in Hotel Carlton Ritz herein Bangalore. Philips Hue is the next generation of lighting innovation that has redefined the possibilities of LED tech by integrating the digital light source with the Internet of Things concept.

Philips Hue ranges include, Hue Starter Kit which includes the bridge and three Hue lamps, Hue Go, Hue Beyond – the luminaire family, Friends of Hue – Light Stripsand Bloom. Hue helps for energy saving and it allows to adjust shades of white light to any color or around 16 million colors.

The customer may get Philip Hue apps from official website or they may even download Hue apps from Google Playstore or iTune that developed and uploaded by many app developers for it.

As per minute, Philips global leader arrived India last week to know the progress and further expanding their business. Philips brought Hue revolution from Analog to Digital, then Digital to Connected, GPS, ENT, Surveillance System and LED so on.

Hue lighting advantages:

1. 16 million colors

2. Save your favorite light scenes for each room or time - same setting or different color per choice

3. Use any photo on your phone as a color palette to paint your room

4. You can tune white light to romance one or candlelight etc.

5. You can set rainbow too or create ambiance

6. Control and monitor your home lights remotely

7. Set timers to help you for business or work or personal one 

8. You may use sunny shade to wake up at midnight too.

The starter kit of Hue price ranges from Rs 16999 and so on. They even introduced Philips portable lamp which cost around Rs 8000/= and it was very beautiful to keep on any dining table or home table etc. Hue is energy efficient, kids or teens favorite one and multi-color environment altogether at home etc. 
The cost may look higher but future saving is for sure with pleasant atmosphere for many years. Hue, lighting beyond illumination. You may check the Hue lighting video given for demo and more detail.