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Android NanoDegree program admission and scholarship

Are you looking for information on Android NanoDegree program admission and scholarship detail etc.? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information ontime. 

Google, Tata Trust and Udacity jointly handling this program to give benefits for thousands of Indian individual app developer to take the Android NanoDegree program and get the better prospects anywhere in the near future. 

They have new launched this NanoDegree program in India and I was a part of this event and pleased to be there as well.

Here you go, we got couple of news on this from its event which took place in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, on 21st Sep 2015. 

What s Android NanoDegree program?

If you are interested to know more detail on Android NanoDegree program admission and scholarship such as how to apply, eligibility, age limit, fees and other detail then check the following detail.

Google and Tata Trusts to each give 500 NanoDegree scholarships for Indian or qualified Indian citizens for this program. Since App is growing and developer too, thus, these organizations are looking for the best or top most searchable or usable apps to be developed by Indians through learning from this NanoDegree program. 

There are fee waiver (through scholarship program) and affordable fees to join this program with no delay. This course can be done just via online only by taking your own time.

This NanoDegree program is completely helpful for those who would like to develop apps which normally uses in Google Playstore or similar other sources. 

As one of them stated, India is the second largest developer population in the world with 3 million software developers, India has the potential to become the number one developer population by 2018, with 4 million developers approx.

Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director, Google South East Asia & India stated as, India’s developer will have an easy access to learn and build high quality apps for the world. As of now, there are only 2% of apps built in India that comes on the top 1000 apps globally and our goal is to raise this to 10% in next three years.

Mr. Ganesh, Development Manager, Tata Trusts, stated as, Tata Trusts is pleased to associate with Google to provide 500 scholarships to deserving candidate in the field of Android development in India which can help the history of apps. Tata Trusts is ready to come with the digital ecosystem and stands by its core objective of creating a sustainable difference for empowering communities across the Nation.”

Mr. Sebastian Thrun, founder and CEO of Udacity stated as, “We are excited to be launching Udacity in India today and honored to be partnering with Google and Tata Trusts as we bring our Nanodegrees to millions of people in India”. And, “Our mission at Udacity is to democratize education for everyone to help people get the jobs they want and they dream of,”.

How to apply for Android NanoDegree:

This is just online program offered by Google and one can get NanoDegree only if he/she is completely success by achieving various modules and projects assessment and test given Google via online source. Anybody can apply for it as long as they can pass technical assessment and the course would be approx 3 months to 1 year duration as long as one pass it the Degree program set by these organizations.

The Udacity Android Nanodegree program is open for enrollment right now.  Interested and eligible technical field candidate may apply for the same, including to get the offer of 1000 Scholarship program offered by these two giants. You may check the official website of UdaCity for more information at In addition to this, Google will also host a career summit for thirty of the top graduates from the Android Nanodegree program in Bangalore, by end of this year.

Eligibility, age limit, fees and duration for Android NanoDegree:

Candidates who have extensive technical knowledge regardless of Graduate or Undergraduate can apply for the same as long as aspirants can pass out the technical assessment given by Google and Udacity. This program is also would be helpful for any technical graduates or current app developer or coder or technical Diploma holders or any candidate whose dream is to become app developer can apply for Android NanoDegree.

Duration of the Android NanoDegree program:

It is subject to the candidates performances on this, this is unlike normal Degree or Master Degree which takes more than few years. However, this program takes an average of 6-9 months or so based on the performance from candidate / app developer and their technical result outcome from few modules and projects assigned by Google.

Age limit for Android NanoDegree:

There is no age limit to join for Android NanoDegree as long as one is ready to spend few hours online or around 10 to 20 hours per week online to get Android app related training and get things done per their module and projects.

Fees for Android NanoDegree:

There are 1000 scholarship offers are going on for the lucky one who has nothing to pay from joining till the end. However, other than 1000 candidates, who would like to go with this NanoDegree program for Android can pay affordable costs Rs. 9,800 per month with Udacity refunding 50 percent of the tuition upon completion. You may visit for more detail.

Note: Scholarships for the Android Nanodegree are available immediately, for 1000 eligible candidates with full fee waiver. So, hurry up.