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Facebook OS is expected to coming soon

Facebook likely to build and introduce the world its own OS (FB operating system) anytime soon. This is the news we are getting around from different sources.

Facebook seems taken this steps considering various factor including self-reliance on its OS than other that currently running on as dependent. 
The current process and project seems handling by a Microsoft veteran who co-authored Windows NT OS, Mark Lucovsky.
FB home was / is a user interface layer of Android. The FB Oculus (VR) and Portal might be a self-reliance in the future. Mark Lucovsky from Facebook likely to be in this project to complete.

What will be the difference between Facebook OS vs Android OS in case if it is launched. How it will be effective in terms of hardware and software? Will it be separate downloadable for iOS and Android other than its own platform? You might have a question as such.

Is Facebook Homebrew the same one? or a different one? How FB OS will be? Would you like to know more about the popular social media's update?

If you are interested to know more about the Facebook OS then please stay tuned and we would get back to you with the latest updates and development.