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How to change Auto ads off to on in Google AdSense account

Do you have a Google AdSense account and would like to know the latest update and feature from Google on AdSense Auto ad setting? If yes, you can get its detail over here.

We have given the steps like a layman to our beloved visitors to know and change the Auto ads off to on in Google AdSense account. 

This method will benefit you or website owner in various way whether your website is reaching by visitors through desktop or smartphone and get auto ads on a different place on the website.

When you change the auto-off ot auto-on for placing ad, Google will automatically place the ads on your website where deem fit and necessary. It reduce the burdon to website owner or editor on placing the Google Ad manually.

How to set Auto ads off to on in AdSense account?

Find the steps below that would help you in many ways.

Step 1: Login to your AdSense account.

Step 2: Click on "Ads" button at the left side.

Step 3: It will auto-stop at "Overview" tab, you will see the list of websites associated at the middle of the page with 'Auto ads' off or on. If there is / are no website/s list over there then you need to add your website on AdSense account (through custom channel tab in AdSense account) to see and edit its option on that screen.

Step 4: If list of websites is already there then select the website by clicking 'editing' option at the far right side of the screen beside website URL.

Step 5: It will open another screen. It will show greyed-out button for 'Auto ads' at the top right side. You just need to click on that button to change for 'auto ads on' option. 

Step 6: You can even change other option under that like, 'Ad formats' (In-page ads, Matched content), Anchor, Vignette, Ad load (reduce or increase it) etc.

Step 7: Click on 'Apply to site' button at the end. The status from 'off' to 'on' will be changed at Auto-ads column.  You are done. 

You can experience the auto ad showing on your website when you browse your website from desktop version or smartphone.

In case if you would like to 'off' the 'Auto Ads' showing then you can repeat the same steps (given above) again.

Hope this info helps you.