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How to create a shared album on iPhones? Tips and guideline

Would you like to know how to share the photo or album with your friends or family through iPhone? Would like to know how to create and share the album on iPhones? Would you be interested to know the steps on how to create a shared album on iPhones? If yes, here you go.

If you are an iPhone users and eager to know to create and share the photo via iPhone album feature then you can do it so. We have given the simple steps over here. 

Follow, create a shared album and use it among your friends or family members. The smartphone is very in many ways and we have to know some of the features to use it effectively. This is one of the feature in it.

Steps to create and share album on iPhones:

Step 1: Go to 'Album' icon on your iPhone.

Step 2: From there, tap '+' icon and tap 'New shared Album'.

Step 3: You will get another screen, 'name' your album and tap 'Next' option to create it.

Step 4: Now, choose who (from the phone number or email list) to share the album with, and tap 'Create' button. You're done.

Hope the above steps helped you to create and share the album or create a shared album as you desired.

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