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Google Cloud Run and its benefits

What is Cloud Run? How it benefits my business? Is this your question? 

It is a managed compute platform that automatically scales your stateless containers. Serverless.

Are you interested to know more detail about the Cloud Run and its pros? If yes, here you go.

Cloud Run is serverless: 

It abstracts away all infrastructure management, so you can focus on what matters most - building great applications. 

Run your containers in fully managed Cloud Run, or on Cloud Run for Anthos

Anthos supports GKE on Google Cloud, on-premises and multi-cloud environments. 

Cloud Run is built from Knative, ensuring that your applications are built on an open standard.

Container to production in seconds from Cloud Run:

Many serverless platforms add constraints around support for languages, libraries, or even restrict the way you code. 

It enables you to write code your way by allowing you to easily deploy any stateless containers that listen for requests or events delivered via HTTP. 

Containers offer flexibility and portability of workloads. 

With Cloud Run, you can build great applications in your favorite language, with your favorite dependencies and tools, and deploy them in seconds.

Cloud Run (fully managed):

This platform allows you to deploy stateless containers without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. 

Your workloads are automatically scaled up or down to zero depending on the traffic to your app. 

You only pay when your app is running, billed to the nearest 100th millisecond.

Cloud Run for Anthos:

It abstracts away complex Kubernetes concepts, allowing developers to easily leverage the benefits of Kubernetes and serverless together. 

It provides access to custom machine types, additional networking support, and Cloud Accelerators. It allows you to run your workloads on-premises or on Google Cloud.

You can check features, pricing and more detail on Cloud Run from official link