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Quick Heal partnership with Big C Mobiles to increase mobile security

Quick Heal joined hands with Big C Mobiles to increase mobile security adoption in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The association will enable Big C Mobiles customers to experience the advanced protection of Quick Heal Total Security for Android against a range of sophisticated Cyber-security threats.

We don't know in real whether we do have a security update or assurance to our mobile phone or not, even if you have a reputed brand device who says it is secured one etc. Not sure about is software process.

Are you interested to know more detail about the Quick Heal and Big C Mobiles' initiative toward smartphone security? If yes, here you go.

Once (in year 2000 around), few used to say to other very few mobile users, that using mobile phone is just a wasting money, and show off etc. Those who said as such once have an high-end smartphone on their hand right now. Though they may unaware about the security issues and patches or related features.

Quick Heal Technologies, one of the leading providers of IT Security and Data Protection solutions to consumers, businesses and Government, has announced a strategic partnership with Big C Mobiles (South India’s most trusted mobile retail chain). 

The partnership will enable Quick Heal to tap into Big C’s vast retail presence of over 225+ mobile stores in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and increase the adoption of next-generation mobile security solutions in the region.

Big C Mobiles is the No.1 retail chain for smartphones and mobiles in AP & Telangana. With this partnership, customers in the region will be able to experience and access Quick Heal Total Security for Android, the flagship offering from the most trusted and preferred brand in India. 

Experts at Big C Mobiles will also educate customers about the various benefits that they stand to avail by securing their mobile devices with this next-generation mobile security solution.

Why mobile security? A brief look at the mobile threat landscape in India.

A recent ASSOCHAM-PwC study estimates the Indian smartphone user base to swell to 859 million by 2022 – becoming twice the size it was in 2017. 

This development will be accompanied by an explosion in the average monthly data consumption per device. 

The country is also projected to clock the fastest growth in digital payments transaction value, which will reach $135.2 billion by 2023.

Encouraging as they are, these developments are also making Indian mobile users a lucrative target by increasing the attack surface area for Cyber-criminals. 

Quick Heal detected and stopped over 3.5 million malware threats targeted at mobile devices in 2018 in the form of Banking Trojans, Spyware, Fake Apps and Mobile Ransomware among others. 

Having previously highlighted how Cybercriminals propagate malware through unverified apps on third-party app stores, Quick Heal has recently flagged several malicious applications on popular app stores designed to steal sensitive user data.

Hope the above info helped you. Stay tuned for more updates as such. Soon.