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How to activate DND setting on iPhones? Easy search app on iPhones - Tips

Do you have a question like how to activate DND setting on iPhones? On or Off Do Not Disturb on iPhone setting? If yes, we have given you a simple guideline on this.

There are two types of activation for DND on iPhones. One is from the iPhone's setting screen by going there and selecting 'turn on' for 'Do Not Disturb' option. You can even schedule there itself for DND timing. This is one method to do manually.

The second method for smartphone is, more easy. Yes, as screen shown below. You have another option. You can just touch / tap on 'Moon' icon from menu (screen) and in turn it will turn on DND option without going to main setting. You can again disable DND by tap it again that will come to former mode.

These are the two steps for DND on or off on iPhones. You can use whichever method you feel as comfortable.

How to locate app on iPhones easily?

The other addition info is, if you wanted to locate your app easily then swipe down the apps from main screen of the iPhones and then you will get 'search' option.  

You can now type the keyword of the app. For example, if you are looking for 'App Store' that is in a different screen, then you can just use search option for it by typing 'App store' and it will locate you immediately on the screen. You can use it instantly without looking it at each screen or page.

Hope the above info helps you as tips or tricks for iPhone usage. We would add you more Apple's iPhones tips and trick soon, till then you can visit iPhones page where you may get already posted more tips for iPhones and that tricks might help you.

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