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How to identify or know who visited Facebook profile

Would you like to know who had visited your Facebook profile in short? If so, we have given some guideline to identify or know who has visited Facebook profile and their steps herein below. 

Please do not install any software or buy any other source to know on how to know or identify the visited person to your Facebook profile, but follow the simple steps are given herewith.

Guideline to identify or know who visited Facebook profile:

A. Go to your profile Timeline

B. Right click on Timeline screen and see and click on View page source,

C. You will get a page opened,

D. Search or Press Ctrl+F to search and type as "InitialConsent" (or) "InitialChatFriendsList".

E. You will find so many numbers like this (100006470312345) under "InitialChatFriendsList".

F. Copy paste the number in browser with the facebook address as follow,

G. URL should be in the pattern of,

So that it will take the profile who visited you. This is including the chat list friends and other unknown visitors who would have visited you.
Also, FB time to time change the code and process, so that this process may not work sometime for some of you.

Hope this help you well.