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Synced with Gadget and UniverCell showroom

With reference to Univercell Sync contest announcement and invitation from IndiBlogger; I planned to visit UniverCell Sync showroom at CMH Road, Indira Nagar, and Bangalore on said dated after I received a reply from IndiBlogger team. I ensured that the time is fixed for this event and not to go for any other works. I reached the showroom on 24th Aug 2014 (Sunday) afternoon and introduced myself with UniverCell Sync staff where they warm welcomed us as blogger, that too from IndiBlogger.

UniverCell Sync showroom, CMH Road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore.

UniverCell Sync asked me to provide a print out of the IndiBlogger email then asked me to meet another staff who helped me out to introduce himself and shown each and every section of their business gadget at the showroom with the pleasing manner, he also assisted me on each product enquiry and its specification detail.  

At the same time, other bloggers too busy with other staff to know about various gadgets and getting its detail beside some of the staff maintaining their customer on busiest shopping day, Sunday. You can find here the best selling Smartphones and Tab PCs in wide range displays.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone and HTC M8 Smartphone at UniverCell Sync, Bangalore.

The showroom is in a demanding area and most of them aware about it, locality is famous one for all sort of business, residence, commercial, travel and hospitality etc. however I am not going to write review or write about anything at all except sharing some good experience, and snaps which were taken before getting ‘Special Snacks’ from UniverCell Sync and about to write brief info about the products that I have seen, since you may also get those products all the details, specification and review in other tech blogs.

       Apple's iPad series and Sony's Xperia T2 Ultra Smartphone at UniverCell Sync, Bangalore.

I have to state one more thing over here is, they have all sort of gadgets with basic model to higher end models including various accessories for the gadgets, one's dream on Smartphone can fulfill here and also this showroom boost us to buy those gadgets. 

I am also wondered that many would like to buy latest HTC M8, an expensive gadget which is now in demand despite increasing its price, the gadget price roughly is, Rs 35000-40000, please confirm with the shopping center since it may vary in different showrooms. Other than the high range smartphones effectiveness, the two thinnest Samsung Tab PC in different sizes impressed me a lot. Here you go for them.

Samsung's two different sizes Tab PCs at UniverCell Sync, Bangalore.

No doubt about customer satisfaction on various ranges of Smartphones, Tab PC, iPad, basic mode gadgets and related accessories in UniverCell Sync, you too will be satisfied over there. As per my opinion, the best deal you can get over here, you just need to compare the smartphones or any other gadgets and buy it over here which would satisfy you for a long.

 Mobile phone accessories and Datawind Ubislate Tab PC for kids at UniverCell Sync, Bangalore.

Universal service from UniverCellThanks to UniverCell Sync team and IndiBlogger for this wonderful opportunity. Have a nice business.