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10+ hidden iPhone features...

Apple Event is on September 12, 2023, and launching iPhone 15 series. You might hear Dynamic Island, AI, Privacy, Security, More convenient, Fast charging, Notch, Saving words etc. upon.

Time being you can learn a few unknown or hidden features from this article till we update you about the other iOS features and upcoming iPhone 15 series.

All the hidden features are not available either online or Apple's web. The expert identifies and shares it. Thanks and courtesy to those iPhone experts.

Here you go for 10+ unknown or hidden features of the iPhones / iOS.

How to rearrange all Apps at once. Tap and hold an app on the home screen of iPhone, move the app slightly upon it and start to wiggling. You can move each app avoiding groups to organize as per your need.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone - each (old/new) iPhone process to take screen-shot slightly differs. Press the Side button and the Volume up button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons. You would see the result. You can edit the photo instantly (when a small screen shows just) or from the screen-shot folder.

Screenshot without home button using info.

How to pause video recording on an iPhone? Many suggested Apple's to do so as the same as Android phone's video recording, pause and resume option. But, Apple is not doing this so far. Who knows, the next iOS version might come up with this feature. However, if you wish to do so, you can install a 'pausecam' app on the iPhone to use it (Pause) feature through this app to record the video, pause and resume to save time, energy and space.

Also, learn how to record video on an iPhone instantly.

Back Tap feature from Setting. From this option, you would use double or triple tap on the phone to enable the function as you set. How to do it? Go to iPhone Setting -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Back Tap -> Tap the listed choice therein per your requirement to tap and use it accordingly.

Share iPhone screen info using Siri features. How? Keep the info or image on the iPhone ready, say 'Hi Siri, Share this with...'. It will respond accordingly.

Hidden Trackpad enabling. How? Open the text contain file. Tap on a few text to enable the keyboard. Hold the "Space Key" for a few seconds and it will change from keyboard to trackpad. How is it? It may or may not help you but learning is good and helpful for those who need this feature for their assigned task.

Knowing iPhone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number: Go to Dialpad and enter *#06# (don't press the dial key) - it will show the result.

Hide Caller ID number to others, by entering as prefix *67 (or, outside the US can try with #31#) with the caller's number to dial. Your number won't show it to the caller. It may not work for a few countries.

Hide Photos: How to? Select the images which you would like to hide, tap on the Share button and tap the 'hide' option to save in hidden folder for privacy. You can get it back from hidden folder after Security (Fingerprint or FaceI) unlock. 

There are many hidden features of iPhone which we have to let you explain in a detail manner, thus, we have share the most probably unknown features and the respective article links below. 

How to add multiple email account on iPhone? Read this article then. 

Would you like to know how to change the Wallpaper on an iPhone? Read the link given just.

How to unlock iPhone / iCloud / iTunes - read this article for the update.

How to find out the iPhone lost or stolen - read this article for helpful guideline. The latest device may have different setting slightly.

How to back up your data from iPhone to iCloud - step by step guideline on this. This article will give you other related info, such as, how to access the data to iPhone from iCloud? etc.

Learn, how to set Screen Time Passcode in iPhone from this article.

Would you like to turn your iPhone into a microphone or add the Magnifier button? Learn how to turn your iPhone into a microphone or add the Magnifier button?

This article will explain you on how to customize Control Center in iPhone or iPad.

From this page, you will know how to create a shared album on iPhones?

This article will guide you on how to use Universal Clipboard in iPhone or iPad or Mac?

How to add or remove the credit or debit card on iPhone or iPad?

Learn how to play Apple Arcade games across all Apple devices.

How to activate DND setting on iPhones? Learn from this article.

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We will add more hidden features here, soon. 

Please note, the above features would work for  iOS15 or iOS16 devices only. Few of them might not work in few countries due to different region and contract carrier's setting.

Also, Apple Bug Bounty Program would go on time to time, you can check one of the program and reward from this page.

You can check the latest update on iOS17 UI.

Stay tuned for more updates.