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iPhone Display / Screen issues and solution

If you have an iPhone and facing display or screen issues like flickering or auto-moving the menu option etc. then the phone is with tech problem, so, there are few methods for its solution if you can try them simply.

However, if it doesn't work then we suggest you to replace the screen / display (with service center) without wasting much time in it so that it would function perfectly.

In general, there could be two reasons for the display issue in any smartphone including iPhone device. One could be due to software issue that can be solved in a different way. The other one is really tough to solve it, yes, you are right, its hardware part.

In case if it is an hardware issue then there is no way to solve it (except service center mechanism) and if it is a software issue then there is a chances that the problem can be solved it.

You can try the following steps to solve display or screen issues in iPhone.

Tips to solve iPhone display / screen issues:

Step 1: Off and On your iPhone and it might help to cancel the small bugs. Or Reboot.

Step 2: Auto-brightness might cause the issue, so, go to Settings-> Display-> Brightness-> Turn off Auto-Brightness. And, go to Brightness for its setting per your requirement.

Step 3: Those iPhone’s with iOS 9 or iOS 10 can try with the Settings-> General-> Increase Contrast-> Reduce Transparency-> Turn it on.

Step 4: Try iCloud off and on, just to check any sync issue between.

Step 5: Factory Reset might help at last but you might loss out your data. So, take safety steps accordingly.

Note: Menu options for setting might differ based on on the iOS version and Telecom carriers.