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R3 Ledger and keeping up with Corda

The R3 Ledger brought the latest updates on Corda, Fast Chain, New eGuide, Blockchain and other developments. 

The Table of Contents are showing the recent development in different area including Corda and Blockchain. If you are interested to know little bit about them then here you go.

R3 Table of Contents:

Keeping up with Corda
Life in the Fast Chain
Recent R3 Blogs New eGuide
Recent Webinars Developer Resources
Upcoming Webinars and R3 in the News etc.

We can glance at least one of them, below.

Keeping up with Corda:

Simple, fast, and resilient enterprise blockchain: Q2 releases are on target .

At the end of June, the release of Corda Open Source 4.5, Corda Enterprise 4.5 and Corda Enterprise Network Manager 1.3 will deliver significant performance improvements, new disaster recovery features, and sophisticated deployment and operational capabilities. Highlights include:

Developer experience: Improved flow performance and Token SDK developer enhancements.

Performance: Reduced latency for even faster, more scalable multi-party transactions.

Enterprise resilience: New tool to enable recovery of ledger data lost in a disaster scenarios.

Standardized ‘one-click’ cloud deployments: Azure Cloud templates and DockerHub.

Key security: Support for AWS CloudHSM. 

Automated metering: Automated collection of metering information for CorDapp publishers.

Network operator interfaces: UI to simplify network management with role-based access controls.

More information is available in the Beta release blog here at

Stay tuned for more Software updates from this Tech blog.