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CONSTRUCT launches by Lowe’s Innovation Labs

Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the innovation hub of FORTUNE® 50 retailer Lowe’s Companies Inc., has launched the first Indian cohort of its signature, stage-agnostic startup accelerator program, CONSTRUCTon 18th June 2020.

Seven startups from across India, representing a diverse range of interests including merchandising, AI-driven trend forecasting, automated content generation, talent acquisition, hyper real AI and sustainable next-gen home construction technology were selected after a five-city roadshow conducted earlier this year.

CONSTRUCT is designed to be a flexible alternative to traditional corporate accelerators. Keeping with Lowe’s Innovation Labs’ mission to use exponential technology to accelerate experiences that customers expect today and to deliver tomorrow’s breakthrough capabilities, the program is open to deep technology companies of all sizes and at all stages. 

Programming centers around highly personalised, one-on-one working relationships, access to internal and external mentors, and an emphasis on working together to re-imagine prototype and ultimately bring to market the future of home improvement retail.

Participants in the first cohort include:

Stylumia: A Bangalore-based startup focused on providing product insights through its AI-powered consumer-driven, demand-sensing engine for seen and unseen products.

Infilect: A Bangalore-based startup with strong computer vision capabilities and AI platforms, helping brands and retailers in measuring, monitoring and improving retail processes such as product distribution, placement and sales.

StoryXpress: A Delhi NCR-based startup with an end-to-end video marketing platform that enables brands and retailers to convert their e-commerce product catalogs into videos at a fraction of the standard time and cost.

Headway: A Bangalore-based startup focused on talent acquisition powered by AI and behavioral science, helping talent acquisition teams function faster  with deep talent analytics. A Bangalore-based startup focused on using AI to craft actionable insights from the vast, unstructured resources of the open web to help lifestyle brands and retailers personalise product decisions. A Bangalore-based startup focused on building generative AI tools to make professional automated human-like videos with applications involving Hyperreal AI. 

Nanospan: A Hyderabad-based startup focused on nanotechnology, producing graphene and nano composites with applications in building the next-gen homes, defence tech and energy storage.

CONSTRUCT is designed around Lowe’s start-up partners, who receive personalized attention from functional and technical leaders at Lowe’s, as well as external mentors from venture capitalist firms, companies and enablers.

You can visit lowe's official website for more detail.