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Intel India enriches Artificial Intelligence in the country

Intel India conducted an event on 4th Apr 2017, its first AI (Artificial Intelligence) Day where the expert, government, the industry, and the academia gathered to discuss the potential of accelerating the AI revolution in the country. If you are looking for more detail on AI then find its detail over here.

As you know, the leading IT companies have already begun thinking, talking and launching AI platforms, thus, Intel too on this to enrich the global development on AI. Nowadays you can see or experience IoT everywhere, so, mass technology, mass data, mass users can change the user experience through AI as well. 

AI is the fastest growing workload in the data center, growing at two times the overall computing market. By 2020, the industry expects more servers running data analytics than any other workload, and analytics predictors will be built into every application.

Intel India announces initiatives to boost adoption of Artificial Intelligence with the following key points.

· Highlights company’s end-to-end unified approach towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)

· Aims to democratize AI through collaborations with partners and customers in India

· Announces three-pronged educational program for the country’s developer community

You would have seen or experienced from Intel P2 to Intel i7 processor devices etc., now the upcoming is beyond than them which will work also for AI. Yes, you will soon experience the Intel Xeon Processors (either Intel Xeon Phi or just Xeon) beside Intel Nervana Platform that provides world class learning software tools that enable data scientists to "compress the innovation cycle", develop and deploy high accuracy custom learning solution.

You will also experience Intel Saffron Technology and Intel RealSense (cameras seeing in 3D) Technology and Movidius Myriad 2 vision processors as the "visual cortex" whereas Intel Processors being the "brain". All combined technology toward AI. They also mainly develop Intel DAAL (Data Analytics Acceleration Library) and Intel MKL (Math Kernel Library) for better result on ready-to-use mass data and algorithms. These tech innovation plays very important role on AI.

Intel is working on its global AI strategy and demonstrated how it works with the ecosystem in India to improve solution. Intel has announced developer community where students, researchers and developers will be engaged. The education program proposed around 15,000 scientists, developers, analysts and engineers on key AI technologies including deep learning and Machine learning. Intel will conduct 60 programs across the year, ranging from workshops, user group, roadshows and senior technology leader roundtables.

The key speakers were, as below;

Prakash Mallya, Managing Director, Intel South Asia
Professor Pushpak Bhattacharya, Director, IIT Patna
D N Narasimha Raju, Chief Executive Officer, National Institute for Smart Government
Nidhi Chappell, Director, Machine Learning, Data Center Group - Intel
Pradeep Dubey, Intel Fellow & Director of Parallel Computing Lab, Intel Labs
Krishnendu Chaudhury, Principal Scientist and Head of Image Sciences, Flipkart
Margaret Burgraff, VP, Software and Services Group, GM, Global Software enabling, Intel
Bernhard Friebe, Director, Programmable Solution Group - Intel

Other than this, some key industries like Calligo Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Julia Computing and Wipro Ltd. etc. will work together on this.

For more detail, you may check (or) #IntelAIDay