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How to become Google Maps Local Guide

Would you like to know how to become a Local Guide and obtain Google Maps' all levels? If yes and interested to become Local Guide then read this article for more detail.

How to become Local Guide for Google Maps?

There are five levels of Local Guide at the moment and each level has certain point to obtain to maintain or go to the next level. How to begin as Local Guide of Google Maps? It is neither easy nor tough one. You just need to login to your Google account, search the visited place in Google search engine and get the right one (place), if you got it at the top right side with its detail and "Write Review" option then click on it to proceed further.

Once clicked on "Write Review" option you will then get another smaller screen with star option and summary description to write a review about that particular place. You just need to rate the place highlighting 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 stars as per your satisfaction of the place. You can then write a review at description column, the more detail of the place the better for your level and status.

You can add some of the photos if possible which would help many visitors and your review status will be higher than others who just write review with one or two line as short. So, try to write little detail review with better in detail. How to write review? You have to learn it with certain important points based on the criteria. Yes, this would help you to become one of the best reviewers anytime soon.

What are the benefits of Local Guide of Google Maps?

Local guide will get various benefits based on certain level. Higher level the better one, so try to begin with low level to higher one just by using internet and furnishing some info about the place. Here you go for knowning what are the advantages of becoming Local Guide from Google Maps.

Level 1 will help you to get Local Guides newsletter, join Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts, star enter in exclusive contests for Local Guides (in select countries).

Level 2 will help you for arly access to new Google products and features notifications_active, promote your own meet-ups on the Local Guides calendar event.

Level 3 can help you to get Local Guides badge in Google Maps, exclusive Local Guides community group, moderate Local Guides community channels pan_tool, receive invites to Google-hosted events local_activity etc.

Level 4 would certainly help you for free Google Drive storage, eligible to be featured in Local Guides online channels featured_video and on.

Level 5 can enrich you for eligible on Trusted Testing opportunities, access Google products and features before they are made public. Morever, you will be eligible to attend the Local Guides summit.

Other than this, you may get chances to attend Google Maps' event anytime around. You may also get a chance to attend an international Local Summit, as they recently sent an email invite to certain level people for it.

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