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5G ecosystem in India from Nokia and BSNL

Would you like to know about 5G connectivity's arrival on-board? If yes, read this article to know some details about 5G connectivity. As you know, the network connectivity begun from dial up, narrow band to broadband, 2G, 3G and 4G speed connectivity. 

We are still in 4G though speed is lesser in many areas despite using 4G. Anyhow, it is all depend on feasibility as well. Now coming back to the point. Nokia and BSNL has joined hand together to work for 5G speed connectivity in India. 

They will work together to accelerate the development of a 5G ecosystem, support the future network demands, high-speed wireless broadband with ultra-low-latency, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities. You can see 5G related Nokia Innovation Day in Bangalore as well.

The 5G connectivity would enrich virtual reality, remote healthcare, augmented reality, connected cars, and full automation of homes and businesses, among others. You can watch 5G connected cars video herewith.

Nokia will ensure the smooth transition of BSNL to a 5G-ready network by utilizing Nokia’s 5G FIRST end-to-end 5G solution, including its AirScale radio access portfolio and AirFrame datacenter platform to demonstrate 5G capabilities and simulate use cases of 5G extreme broadband and ultra-reliability and low-latency communication. 

The companies will utilize the following;

SDN (software defined networking)
Multi-access Edge Computing cloud
Nokia will go with BSNL in spectrum assessment and in optimization
Boost the digital infrastructure to enhance economic growth

Hope you knows little bit about 5G and its features, wait and see for the 5G reality, soon.