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Intex Launched Air-Conditions for Homemakers

Are you planning to buy an Air-condition on upcoming summer? If yes, you can spend few minutes and read the latest report on latest air-condition from Intex. 
Yes, Intex Technology has launched two different types of Air-conditions in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad recently and they are just for homemakers to enjoy ever specially during the season like a summer. 

The AC comes with Efficient, Effective & Economical (E3) Chill featured range of Super Saver ACs, Fixed Speed ACs and Window ACs. The Super Saver AC gives 15% Faster Cooling and 30% Energy Efficiency. 
The customer can get 18 varied models to choose from. These ACs comes at an affordable price of INR 21990 to INR 42990. These Air-Conditions for Homemakers were launched during 'International Women’s Day’.

If you are interested to keep your home chill when many or alone at home with energy efficiency and faster cooling then you may try them out. You can find its detail technical specification over here.

Super Saver (1 & 1.5 Tonne) Air Condition detail
Intense Cooling Efficiency 
Dynamic Compressor 
Temp Precision +/- 0.50 
15% Faster Cooling
30% Energy Efficiency
Low Noise
R-410 Eco-Friendly Gas
Copper Evaporator Coils
Water Level Indicator
3-Star Rated
10-Yrs Warranty on Compressor &
5 Yrs Warranty on Condensor
Hidden Display

Fixed Speed (1-2 Tonne) Air Condition detail
Intense Cooling Efficiency
Fixed Compressor
ON & OFF Mode
Hydrophilic Property for Anti-Corrosion
Copper Evaporator Coils with Gold and Silver Fins
Multi-Functional Filters - Catechin, VOC and Vitamin C
Auto Clean, Four Way Swing, Turbo Cool and Baby Sleep Mode
Water Level Indicator
3-Star & 5-Star Rated
6-Yrs Warranty on Compressor &
5-Yrs Warranty on Condensor
Hidden Display

Super Saver and Fixed Speed AC price ranges: INR 21990 to INR 42990.