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Renewx Expo 2017 Hyderabad, India

Are you searching for information on Solar Energy related one, online? If so, you are in the right page to get Solar Expo detail over here. Renewx from UBM group has brought some innovative steps toward Solar or Power related one. The exhibition was held in Hyderabad, HiTex premises, near HiTech city and it was on 7th and 8th April 2017 (2 days conference). 

The two days innovative expo of Solar brought many exhibitors and visitors to know each among in Hyderabad. There were many Solar brands that made a stall, displayed and demonstrated their latest Solar products for residential and commercial purpose. There were many foreign brands too over there and showcased their innovative and latest Solar products which mainly focused on solar, protection, power saving and maximum benefit out of it.

This expo is definitely helped many individual, commercial companies and the Solar vendors around. The expo was like almost crowded after the VIP inauguration and the same continued for day two as well. These were all about Solar or Power Technology trends across.

There were different types of Solar products around viz. Rooftop Solar in different designs from different brands, Utility Scale Solar, Power Station, On-grid application, Solar Lighting system, Parbolic troughs, Solar Wind, Digital invertor, Sapphire series, Ruby series, and on.

Solar enabled refrigerator

There were well known Solar brands participated, viz. Oriano, L&T, Linuo Power, True Power, Redington, Lightway, Solar Quarter, Scorpious Tracker, Insolation Energy and on. 

It was South India's most influential Renewable Energy Forum where over 100 exhibitors participated, 5000+ industry peers reached, mass media and tech savvy attended to explore the possibilities.