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Unisys Cloud 20/20 Winners - Eighth Annual

Are you a student? Are you pursuing in any technical background? Are you passionate about something to achieve earlier than others? Are you tech savvy while student? Would you like to transform your thought to practical? Would you like to invent something new in technical era? If answer is yes from you for all or at least one of them then you can read this article, try and work accordingly. Yes, Unisys India extend its hand to help the talent student to bring forth with innovative technological ideas, exercise and implement accordingly.

Unisys India is conducting the contest for the student across India every year and selecting the winners and runners in an inspirational way. They then assist to student on different projects to do it in a professional manner and reward suitably.

I had been to Unisys event twice (last year and the one recently) and observed that the Unisys is doing tremendous jobs and helping academic, institutes and students to do some achievement in the earlier stage itself. I would like you to read entire article to learn something interesting one and assist your near and dear to participate in such a contest to achieve something from Unisys initiative.

Unisys has so far conducted 8 contests for the last eight years and become well known among students and institutions since they have so far received more than 22,000 entries over eight years stimulates on Technical Projects and their contests.

Unisys, on 7th April 2017 announced the winners of the eighth Unisys Cloud 20/20, one of India’s largest annual technical project contests. The contest is all about the designed to foster innovation among students and create a talent pipeline for Unisys and the IT industry at large. The Cloud 20/20 contest plays an important role in encouraging student interest in new technologies and innovation. Why don't you try or encourage the skilled or talented student to participate on this? Who knows, you might become one of the instrument and best guide to technology innovation.

Anyhow, please find the winners and runners of the Unisys 20/20 Cloud contest, below;

The winner of the contest this year is, the project titled Fin Assistant by Arpan Kumar Mishra, Datla Manish Varma, Nabil Silva and Sailesh Sriram from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, won the first prize (Rs. 2,00,000 cash). There were few projects and their demonstration simply superb and one of them is this one which could help for various financial requirement and solution.

The other runners are, Nagashree T S, Nikitha Chowta and Sandhya S from Mangalore Institute of Technology & Engineering, Mangalore, took the second prize (Rs. 1,25,000 cash) for their project titled CO-DI- RA Messenger. This project and demonstration given in-depth about the tracking system of anything without Net connectivity or Telecom tower or signal.

The third prize (two teams this time) has been awarded (Rs. 1,00,000 each) to; Shyam Suganth J, Hariharsudan S, Subash M and Thamarai Selvan S, of Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Puducherry, for their project Envirinsta. And Vinaydeep Kaur, Akriti Tyagi, M Kritika and Pratima Kumari from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, for their project Crowd Sourcing Based Android Application for Structural Health Monitoring and Data Analytics of Roads Using Cloud Computing.

This year’s topics included Internet of Things, Data analytics, Cloud-based applications and services, Cloud security, Computing everywhere, Context-rich systems, DevOps and potential future technologies. Unisys project leads and subject matter experts supported the student contestants.

The 2017 Cloud 20/20 contest drew 828 team registrations and 317 project submissions from colleges across India. In addition to the cash prize, Unisys will also offer the finalists internship and job opportunities, subject to winners’ eligibility and open positions within the company.

“As the IT industry moves toward automation, only those with strong skills in emerging technologies will make the cut in the job market,” said Ravikumar Sreedharan, MD, Unisys India and Head, Global Delivery Network, Unisys. 

Over the last eight years, Cloud 20/20 has attracted more than 22,000 team entries and generated cash awards, internships and full-time positions for many participants.

“Acquiring talent in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies will be key to driving digital transformation for enterprises in India and around the globe,” said Tarek El-Sadany, senior vice president, Technology, and chief technology officer, Unisys. “Through initiatives like Cloud 20/20, Unisys is proud to team with institutions of higher education to enrich the learning environment for future leaders in digital technology.”

For further information on Cloud 20/20, log on to: or v8/index.html and you will find some useful info which can help to know, enter and participate in it.