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10 Actionable Solutions for More Reliable, Efficient Transportation in Bangalore

A new report reveals solutions, generated at the Bangalore Urban Mobility Lab, to support Bangalore’s long-term mobility goals and near-term COVID-19 response.

Bangalore, Karnataka June 3, 2020 — Rocky Mountain Institute, RMI India, and Micelio published a new report, Accelerating Bangalore’s Mobility Transition: Insights from the Bangalore Urban Mobility Lab, which details 10 actionable solutions to help address Bangalore’s mobility challenges and further accelerate the transition to more reliable and efficient systems for moving people and goods. 

These solutions can support Bangalore’s longer-term mobility goals and also inform the near-term actions required as the lockdown to contain spread of COVID-19 is lifted.

The solutions were generated by over 150 stakeholders during a two-day workshop, hosted on 19–20 February 2020 in partnership with the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Invest Karnataka Forum, and Department of Industries and Commerce. 

The stakeholder generated solutions to help address many of Bangalore’s mobility challenge include:

Public Transport:

1. Develop, implement, and monitor public transport service contracts (public transport service obligation).

First- and last-mile connectivity:

2. Promote first- and last-mile connectivity in high density corridors of the city.
3. Design and amend policy and regulations to promote new modes of first- and last-mile connectivity.

Data-based solutions (including hardware and software) to enable new mobility and technologies:
4. Implement a data governance and technology framework.

Charging and battery swapping infrastructure:

5. Implement an EV charging and swapping data collection and sharing program.
6. Establish an EV infrastructure pilot for multiple vehicle use cases.

Electric vehicle manufacturing and supply chain:

7. Develop an ecosystem through a supply-side policy framework.
8. Establish a common parts platform.

Urban final-mile delivery:

9. Improve charging and swapping infrastructure for final-mile delivery.
10. Enable use of EVs for final-mile delivery through small and medium enterprises (SMEs) acting as micro-hubs for storing EVs and goods.

RMI India and other conveners also acknowledge the current challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. “As Bangalore restarts economic activity after the lockdown, we need to ensure that adequate safety measures are in place in the public transportation systems because the city cannot afford to lose its public transport ridership,” shared Akshima Ghate, Principal at RMI India. “In fact, the city has to target an increase in the modal share of public transport.” 

To this end, Rocky Mountain Institute, RMI India, and Micelio are pursuing opportunities to adapt some of the solutions to provide a near-term COVID-19 response.